A Service Trip to the Dominican Republic

David Gantt, Opinion Editor

September 21

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We awoke with the sunset, to a cool breeze and the call of a rooster. We built latrines alongside the citizens of El Petigre under a ceaselessly harsh and beating Dominican sun. We ate rice and beans, eggs, and plantains, futilely...

The McFarlands go to China!

Lily McFarland, Writer

September 21

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I was born in a small town called Qing Yuan, in Southern China, about two hours outside of Guangzhou. I was in a social welfare institute for the first eleven months of my life, before I was adopted on November 19, 2002. Because...

Changes in Summer Reading

Ryan Hardy, Writer

September 21

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Summer reading has been something Friends students have done since as long as most of us remember. Whether it was our 3rd grade teachers telling us to read a book and be able to explain it, or our 10th grade history teachers telling...

Summer Reading Freedom

Riley Gerrity, Writer

August 30

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For the first time ever, I was free to read whatever I wanted this summer. I was not forced to spend countless hours slaving over the books that had been assigned. There were no monotonous descriptions of life in a trench, and long w...

Seniors’ Plans for Post-Graduation

Genesis Williamson, Author

June 6

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While listening to the seniors remark on their memories during their Final Collection and the bittersweetness of leaving the Friends School community, lyrics to the Final Song in High School Musical™ appeared in my mind. The movies...

Being Conservative at Friends

Wes Culp

February 15

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  Friends School of Baltimore is located in one of the most liberal parts of the most liberal states, so it is no surprise that the general attitude here is overwhelmingly left-leaning. That in itself is not a problem...