Student Run, A Backstage Perspective


Nina Dietz, Writer and Staff Photographer
February 17, 2014

Plenty of students come to see the Student Run play, but not many people know about the backstage experience. Being a part of a cast is a lot like being a part of a sports team. You succeed and fail together, and you all help, and compete with, one another. The Student Run ends up being a pretty low... Read more »

The Guide to Acceptable Senioritis


Clarissa Martin, Opinions Section Editor
February 16, 2014

High school has been rough. After overcoming awkward post-middle school growth spurts in 9th and 10th grade, we were bludgeoned by the junior year workload. We were told that junior year would be the worst of it, but come fall of senior year, were in over our heads. Application season had snuck up from... Read more »

Movember at Friends School!

McManus Cartoon

Steve McManus
December 17, 2013

The No-Shave November results are in at Friends!

Friends School in Twenty Years


Hannah Noyes, Assistant Editor
December 17, 2013

In twenty years… ·         All of the TVs in the school will be replaced by iPads ·         The lunch line will still take longer than the lunch period ·         Friends will have started another 10 year plan ·         Meeting for worship will take place every day ·... Read more »

Hierarchy of Grades

Emma Brice, Writer
December 17, 2013

As a freshman, I am constantly reminded of the hierarchy of grades here at Friends School. From the moment you pull up to the school you can see the freshmen being herded into the basement of the upper school (otherwise known as, Freshman Hall) where we huddle like trolls under a bridge. I hear the exhausted... Read more »

Majic Jewelry at Holly Fest!


Maddy Shay
December 17, 2013

Once a year, vendors and crafters from all over Baltimore gather at Friends just before Thanksgiving to share their talents and offer them to interested consumers. The options this year varied greatly, from handmade purses and Mr. Harrington’s beautifully made wooden products to wire sculptures and... Read more »

Jeans Policy

Nina Dietz, Staff Photographer and Writer
December 17, 2013

At Friends School of Baltimore, we are not aloud to wear jeans. It has been that way since the uniform was phased out and the dress code instated in the mid 1970s. My question is whether the reasons jeans were not permitted in the 70s are still relevant nearly forty years later. The reason that a rule... Read more »

William Penn Fellowship

Andrew Kirkpatrick
December 17, 2013

As we rolled into D.C., no one knew what to expect. We only knew that we all had a passion for service. I will be totally honest and say that nothing could have prepared me for the life-changing experience that was the William Penn Fellows trip. There was certainly a buzz in the air when we walked into... Read more »

Friends School Compliments

Nathan Leach
December 17, 2013

On October 25, 2013, the Friends School Facebook community was graced with a unique presence, “Frendz Skool Compliments”. The idea of the page is quite simple, yet strangely novel: students compliment each other anonymously via Facebook. While most Friends Upper School students seem to be aware of... Read more »

Start Your Engines and Get Ready for Holly Fest 2013

vespa horiz

Danny Kahn
November 20, 2013

The Friends School Scooter Restoration Club is auctioning off their first ever restored Vespa at Holly Fest, this coming Saturday, November 23rd. The scooter is a 1962 Vespa VBB, with a 150cc engine. The club invites students to work together in a hands-on environment to restore vintage Vespa scooters.... Read more »