What’s New in Senate?


Mia Gogel, Writer
April 24, 2015

Along with helping out with the school-scheduled events like prom and earth day, Senate has a lot of creative plans in the works. Junior senator Isabel Cooke tells me that senators recognizes how the construction is encumbering our community and school spirit, so one of their main goals is to help bring... Read more »

Friends Celebrates Russian at Olympiada

Natalie Linden, Copy Editor, Writer
April 24, 2015

The Maryland Olympiada of Spoken Russian takes place annually at Goucher College with a variety of participants, from the Baltimore International Academy’s Elementary and Middle Schools to Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, MD. The Maryland Olympiada is one among the series of state and regional... Read more »

Jazz Band in Full Swing

Charlie Blake, Assistant Editor
April 24, 2015

In general, jazz bands vary in the number of members and the style of jazz that they play. One of the more common jazz band structures includes a rhythm section and a horn and wind section. Not your typical jazz band, the Friends School jazz band is packing a punch with all sections of the band covered... Read more »

Jury’s In: Mock Trial Team to Advance

Maria Park, Writer
April 24, 2015

On March 10, Adrienne Randall and I rode Mr. McManus’s fan bus to the Clarence Mitchell Courthouse, where our Mock Trial team was facing City College in the Baltimore City Mock Trial Circuit Court finals. The lawsuit was a version of the recent Michael Brown case in Ferguson without the racial component.... Read more »

NAIMUN Ends in Murder and Burrito Bowls

Madalynn Williams, Opinions Editor
April 24, 2015

Around 2 o’clock in the afternoon on a cold February Thursday, 20 plus students, teachers, and I loaded suitcases, backpacks and garment bags into a heavily disinfected coach bus. With a few encouraging awards from Mr. Raines and Ms. Lampadarios, we were off. For the next hour and half I napped shamelessly. When... Read more »

Ritalin Overload

Nina Dietz, Online Editor
April 24, 2015

I have nothing against prescription drugs. I take several of them myself that I know how vital they can be to both physical and mental health. Plenty of people take medication every day: anxiety meds, anti-depressants, and stimulants are just a few of the most common ones. That doesn’t even begin... Read more »

Extra Credit Makes the Grade

Kira Barrett, Assistant Editor
April 24, 2015

At Friends, two people can take the same class, with different teachers, and learn completely different things. Each teacher has their own interests and skills, therefore; each class is different. Extra credit is no exception to this variance. For some teachers, extra credit is a fun way to lighten the... Read more »

Chess Club Says Checkmate to Stress

Nick Krywucki
April 7, 2015

Hugged tight by your straitjacket, you are trapped deep in an academic asylum, going crazy. The test next period is the most important one of the year. It will singlehandedly determine your quarter grade, which will accordingly determine your yearly grade, which will ultimately determine your GPA, which... Read more »

For the Thrift of It


Emilia Halvorson
April 7, 2015

What can we do to eliminate sweatshops and reduce climate change? Part of the solution lies down the block at Redux, our neighborhood consignment shop. Second hand stores represent a chance to reduce, reuse, and recycle in our day to day lives. Besides, learning the art of the thrift means saving major... Read more »



People of Friends School
February 12, 2015