Nurturing the Fire at the Center

Natalie Linden, Copy Editor
September 9, 2014

Though it may sometimes go overlooked, the Quaker spirit is alive and well at Friends School, and many Friends students have carried this spirit outside of the classroom and taken part in the Baltimore Yearly Meeting’s (BYM) summer camping program. The program includes three different Quaker camps—Catoctin,... Read more »

Jump In With Smart Start

Katrina Keegan, Editor-in-Chief
September 9, 2014

Smart Start, a week-long orientation program for new Upper School students, had a few special perks this year. Even before returning students, incoming students got a chance to set up their iPads and see the construction at the Forbush building. “It’s like a jumpstart sort of thing,” says senior... Read more »

Say Hello to the SENIORS & SENATE


Maria Park
September 9, 2014

Wow. It’s the year 2014. How did our class become seniors? Through the natural process of aging, pure luck or the influence of destiny? Like it or not, we’re on the old end of the spectrum now, so we should probably act as such. The question is, will we? I’m not sure if the word “mature” describes... Read more »

A Senior Quote for the Whole Class

Josh Leiner
September 9, 2014

We underwent many rights of passage this year. One of these was selecting a senior quote for the yearbook. Unfortunately, nowhere is there a quote in the yearbook that represents the entire class. With this in mind, I took it upon myself to find words that honor our experience at Friends, and can help... Read more »

The End of 2013-2014 School Year


Steve McManus
September 7, 2014

Earth Day at Friends 2014


May 1, 2014

Friends Goes To France


May 1, 2014

Friends School Mock Trial

DSC01017 copy

Kira Barrett, Writer
April 30, 2014

This year’s mock trial results were interesting to say in the least. The Friends School team was undefeated until the semi-finals and lost to a first year team. We lost to Bryn Mawr, a team who had just started competing this season. How is this possible? Well, Mock Trial is not as simple as other... Read more »

Frendz Skool Compliments Reflection


Lauren Eller, Writer
April 28, 2014

A few months ago, the Friends School community was witness to the fall of its Facebook compliments page. Though named “Frendz Skool Compliments” in order to dissociate itself with the institution, it catered specifically to the student body and thus was invariably connected to Friends School. The... Read more »

What is Lateral Repatriation?

Clarissa Martin, Opinion Editor
April 28, 2014

The US border is 1,969 miles long. One-third of this distance is fenced, the other two-thirds, populated area. The fence runs through the desert, and varies in size- sometimes to keep people out and sometimes to keep cars out. First built in 1909 to keep infested cattle out, the border was fortified... Read more »