Student Committee Plans Meaningful Community Days

Anna Fedder
December 12, 2014

Quaker Community Day, Convocation Day and Earth Day are all traditions at Friends School that stress the importance of Quaker values, like stewardship and community. Before each of these community days, committees gather for intensive planning of the day, attempting to touch upon and sort out every minute... Read more »

Quarter Grades No More

Anna Fedder
December 12, 2014

As the cold begins to set in, the thought of the end of the semester never fails to give students the chills. At Friends, however, a new change in the grading system is relieving some of the high schoolers’ stress. In the past, semesters have been split into quarters, but this year, the quarter is... Read more »

Now at Friends, It’s Academic

its academic (2)

Alex Caplan
December 12, 2014

At the beginning of November, James DeVinne ’15, Dylan Coiro ’15 and I competed in the local edition of the high school game show It’s Academic. It’s Academic is a quiz show for high school students aired during the school year on Saturdays at 10 in the morning. The format is unlike others... Read more »

Meeting for Business Offers New Forum

Student faculty coalition

Natalie Linden, Copy Editor
December 12, 2014

This year the Friends Upper School introduced a new opportunity for students and faculty to collaborate on issues at school, the Student-Faculty Meeting for Business, which is also known within the Quaker community as Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business. Replacing the previous year’s... Read more »

Stories, Selflessnes and Service: William Penn Fellows Retreat


Paige Shephard
December 12, 2014

The tone of the William Penn Fellows was set with one of first orders of business, the William Penn Fellows retreat. Our trip was designed to help us hone in on the intentions of our group and our plans for the school year to come, and to open up our mindset to service’s effects. It began on a Thursday... Read more »

Habitat for Humanity Building New Initiatives


Connor Hardy, Community Editor
December 12, 2014

Habitat for Humanity is one of the biggest clubs in the Upper School, with well-known initiatives like Chipotle lunch orders and Blammo, and more obscure initiatives that are just as impressive. This fall, the club gave the Quill a more detailed idea of what the club does, and what makes it so special.... Read more »

On the Job in Junior Year

Tilly work

Kira Barrett, Arts and Culture Editor
December 12, 2014

It’s a natural to want a little cash to support your spending habits in high school. High school is a time when most people start to become more financially independent. Having a job can help make this happen. For some students, a job is almost a necessity. For others it’s just a little something... Read more »

Diversity Conference Opens Young Minds

Brandi Randolph
December 12, 2014

Last month, I attended the Baltimore Leadership Student Diversity Conference at Park School with seven students at Friends. The BSDLC is for all the independent school and certain public schools that are invited. The purpose for having the BSDLC is for students from a wide variety of school to have the... Read more »

‘Tis the (Admission) Season

admissions photo

Emilia Halvorsen, Titles Editor
December 12, 2014

Like the students are, the Office of Admission is hard at work this winter. You’ve seen the tours of sharply dressed, brochure-toting parents. Maybe you’ve been on a student panel or hosted a shadowing “buddy.” Or perhaps you yourself just finished the admission process last year. If so, you’re... Read more »

While On the Rise, Homecoming Misses the Mark


Anna Fedder, Social Media Director
October 28, 2014

At Friends, Homecoming is the first highly anticipated event of each year. The usual rumored themes filled the halls again, including “Agriculture” and “Into the Wild,” but this year, Senate revealed the true theme to be “Let it Glow.” Immediately, girls shared Pinterest boards filled... Read more »