Prom, Lucy’s Perspective

Kira Brock and Rachel Weinman get ready to enjoy prom with their dates!

Lucy Heller

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The talk of prom starts in October. Okay, fine, it doesn’t start that early, but it feels pretty early when people start asking for dates. I got asked on Facebook. My date, Paul, changed his profile picture to “Lucy Douglas Heller, Will you go to Prom with me?” He hadn’t changed his profile picture in three years. Naturally, I changed my profile picture to a stick figure wearing a t-shirt that said “Yes”. My favorite prom proposals are the public ones, just because they make me feel uncomfortable.

Next on the prom agenda were the dresses. I was talking to my friend Caroline about how she feels about the Prom Dress page on Facebook. We both agreed that one of the best parts about Prom is seeing everyone in their dresses, and that the Facebook page is kind of a spoiler. It doesn’t even help, because people end up wearing the same dress anyway, and both girls look fabulous in their own special way.

Next came the stress. Helene held the Pre-Prom for the juniors this year, and Helene’s mom put my mom in charge of one thing: the balloons. For some reason this really stressed my mom out. “What colors? How big? How many?” My only stress was when I saw Paul’s car come up the driveway, and my mom was still doing my hair.

“DAD! Distract Paul. He can’t see me like this!” But everything turned out okay. Except… “Oh no! The green balloon popped.” After this tragic incident, Paul and I, all dressed up, were in charge of going to Giant to get one green balloon.

When we arrived to Helene’s, there were cameras everywhere. I felt like a super-star, except that half of the pictures were of me eating in a corner.

Next was the actual Prom at the beautiful B&O railroad museum. When we arrived, it was funny seeing everyone’s hair all messed up from the rain. My hair got as frizzy as… something that gets really frizzy.  I loved how it was in a circular room, so you got lost all the time, and when asking someone where the drinks were, they would reply, “oh, right over here…wait I thought it was here,” and you would go in a full circle before finding the drinks. I’ve heard from several people that the chocolate fountain was the bomb. My personal favorite part was the photo booth, where I took crazy pictures with my friends. Some people even got lucky and got a couple pics with Ms. Williams.

Next stop was the post-prom at Mustang Alley. Most people seemed to stack up on food as soon as they got there, and then eat it and fall asleep. I was one of the few people that stayed up, but I then found trouble finding a seat, since everyone was sleeping all over everywhere. My favorite part was having a jalapeño eating contest… Cedric won. I also enjoyed the Austin Power movies, which were playing the whole time. I avoided the raffle because of the crowd, and then realized that was stupid when I saw Bruk come out with an ipad. At the end of Post we got these super groovy shirts. Overall, prom was all I expected and more. All the parents, teachers, and students in charge did a great job.



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Prom, Lucy’s Perspective