Why did We Stop Reading?

Josh Leiner, News And Features Section Editor
February 16, 2014  

Many adults stress the importance of reading books. is undoubtedly true. However, I being neither a teacher nor an adult, do not have the perspective in order to persuade you to read by telling you how important it is for you. What I can do, is try to encourage you to read by telling you about... Read More

mr bucks room

Here’s to the Humanities

Josh Leiner, News And Features Section Editor
December 17, 2013  

As I walk the halls of school, I often hear ringing endorsements of my classmates. “She’s so smart,” they say. “She got a 96 in chemistry for the quarter.” Or often, “Wow… he got a 98 on an advanced calculus test! He must be brilliant.” And, undoubtedly, these students are brilliant.... Read More

History and Hopkins

Josh Leiner
October 31, 2013  

This spring, the Friends School History Department will embark on a program linked with the John Hopkins School of Public Health. In a class taught by Mr. Carlin, Friends School students will be collaborating with senior researches in the fight to find a cure for AIDS.  The four students enrolled... Read More


The Quaker Quail

Josh Leiner
June 10, 2013  

Each year, the graduating class publishes the Quail, a satirical newspaper that pokes fun at the administration, teachers, and school. While some traditions come and go, such as a senior class prank, the Quail remains an integral part of senior activity. It provides the class an opportunity... Read More

2nd Semester Schedule changes

Josh Leiner
February 6, 2013  

Minor changes that might make a big difference were made to the schedule for the start of the second semester. Several Student-Faculty Coalition and Senate meetings took place at the end of the second quarter. Students from all grades were found in attendance, many of whom had differing opinions... Read More


The Last Dream : Mr. Buck’s Last Fall Show

Josh Leiner
December 9, 2012  

After a long, illustrious tenure as a director of theater at Friends, Mr. Buck is calling it quits. This is not to say “TB” is gone from Friends School theater, but rather he has decided to step back from the “big three” plays, and direct his focus elsewhere, such as the theater workshop... Read More

Teachers on the New Schedule: A Quill Investigation

Josh Leiner
October 31, 2012  

While the schedule itself has been a mystery to students, what has also proved enigmatic is what the teachers actually think of the new schedule. Behind closed doors, everyone has heard mumblings, grumblings, and even outright criticism from some teachers about the schedule. In order to get... Read More

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Tennis: Europe, a Summer of Fun

Josh Leiner
September 6, 2012  

As the year of 2012 loomed large, it grew increasingly clear that I had a problem. College was a mere two years away, and I had never been away from home. When I heard about a program called Tennis:Europe, I recognized a great opportunity. A three week trip to Europe, playing tennis and sightseeing,... Read More

Readers Beyond Borders, with Alum Ben Leiner ’10

Josh Leiner
May 16, 2012  

In May, Ben Leiner ’10 and his roommate at Emory University, Naveed Amalfard, came to Collection to briefly discuss Readers Beyond Borders, or RBB. RBB is a non-profit organization created by Amalfard last summer while he was doing service work in Kenya. RBB is a program which sponsors the... Read More

Supreme Court’s Decision on Affirmative Action: How it Affects Us All

Josh Leiner, Sports Editor
April 11, 2012  

The Supreme Court of the United States is set to re-examine affirmative action in the form of higher education for the first time in nine years. The case, Fisher v. University of Texas, is about a white student, Abigail Fisher, who applied to the University of Texas at Austin in 2008. Fisher... Read More


Friday Night Basketball

Josh Leiner, Writer, Sports Editor
February 13, 2012  

In their first of three consecutive Friday night basketball games, the Friends School Quakers men’s basketball team took on the St. Paul’s Crusaders on Friday the 13th. The date was not a good omen for the Quakers, who fell at the hands of the quick-passing, hot shooting, Crusaders by a... Read More

Fantasy Sports a Reality?

Josh Leiner, Writer, Sports Editor
February 13, 2012  

Betting on fantasy sports in private leagues in Maryland is not technically illegal, but the law that currently surrounds this issue is so vague that Marylanders are often ineligible for big cash prizes in public leagues, such as the ones on CBS.com and ESPN.com. Fantasy sports have become... Read More

Seven Billion Strong

Josh Leiner
January 3, 2012  

Two minutes before midnight on October 30th, a Filipino girl by the name of Danica May Camacho was born  into a family struggling to make ends meet. Danica’s mother, Camille Galura, gave birth to her child of five pounds, eight ounces in Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital in Manila. Danica,... Read More