Brief: Seniors Celebrate Their Last Two Days at Friends

The class of 2023 spent their final days of classes making mischief, singing, and reminiscing.


Mary Wiltenburg

The class of ’23 took over the faculty room and converted it to a club as part of the annual senior prank.

Sam Wu, Sports Editor

The first major sign of the seniors’ departure came on in an unpleasant way.

On Monday, May 1st, everyone who walked into Junior Hall or Freshman Hall was assaulted by a putrid fart stench. They also probably heard the muffled bass hits of club music blasting on the middle floor.

It turns out this was all part of the class of ’23’s senior prank. Early Monday, students sprayed fart spray in the grade halls, and turned the faculty lounge into a club.

Later that day, their last full day of classes, the seniors spent Collection leading a chaotic final Quaker Bowl that quizzed students on facts about the class of 2023. Senate co-presidents Mariana Garza and Mike Ma gave touching goodbye speeches. Then, all the seniors came to the stage to sing Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me.” As they sang and swayed together, some tears started to fall.

The next day, classes finished up for seniors in the morning, and they had a very emotional final Meeting for Worship. Afterward, they took to the outskirts of the playground and the quad for a massive picnic, with grilled hot dogs, spikeball, yearbook signing, and red blankets – a gift to remind them of Friends School.

Students slowly left the picnic, and enjoyed their final moments in senior hall, before departing for senior work projects and onto the next phase of their lives.