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Lunch & M? Try Lunch & Melting [Brief]
Lunch & M? Try Lunch & Melting [Brief]
Heat broke records this month at Friends School of Baltimore.
After a soggy sunrise, pink-clad seniors headed to Senior Hall to decorate it.
Seniors Rise for Senior Sunrise [Brief]
Friends School's class of 2024 arrived early on the first day of school to watch the “sunrise.”
Seniors and senate co-presidents Macy Goldberg, Noah Ripke, and Harrison Fribush kicked off the school years first collection with a gripping video.
Commencing Collection [Brief]
From Neighborly Notes to the Upper School’s first Collection, Friends School welcomes students back to start the year!
In their first game of the season, the varsity womens field hockey team scored a decisive win against Pikesville High School.
Quakes Beat Panthers 6-1 [Brief]
The varsity women's field hockey team started its season with an exhilarating win.
MIAA Varsity Volleyball kicked off its season last week with a win - the teams first since 2021.
Exciting Comeback for Varsity Volleyball [Brief]
Last week, in a nail-biting first game of the season, the team scored its first win in two years!
The class of 23 took over the faculty room and converted it to a club as part of the annual senior prank.
Seniors Celebrate Their Last Two Days at Friends [Brief]
The class of 2023 spent their final days of classes making mischief, singing, and reminiscing.
The Ultimate First Game [Brief]
The Ultimate First Game [Brief]
Friends School's new frisbee team had wide support and a narrow win at their first game of the season.
Newly admitted Friends students and families arrive for Festival of Friends.
School Welcomes New Families [Brief]
At the "Festival of Friends" celebration yesterday, dozens of admitted students and families visited campus and enjoyed a morning of performances and conversations.
The stands were packed with fans wearing white for boys Varsity Basketballs tense Senior Night game.
Close Senior Night Game Ends in Triumph [Brief]
With family and friends watching, the Quakes claimed victory in the game's final seconds.
Kaylyn Parks snuggles Ms. Carlins dog Basil, at an event in the quad to help students manage the stress of exam time.
Brief: Faculty Dogs Take a Bite Out of Student Stress
In a now-annual tradition, faculty dogs visited the quad this week to help students relax before exams.

The Lackluster Library [Humor]

Thanks to a series of unfortunate events, the Upper School library started the 2023-34 school year bereft of cozy furniture.
A few sad cushions lie on the library floor - painful reminders of the comfy chairs that used to reside there.
Marvin Jones-Tobin
A few sad cushions lie on the library floor – painful reminders of the comfy chairs that used to reside there.

At the end of a fatiguing Orientation on August 30th, all I could think of were the two soft couches and two large leather chairs I believed would be there to greet me in the Upper School library the next day. I couldn’t get the thought off my mind of the cold leather touching my bare skin.

That night, I went to bed early, which was strange. I had never been more ready for the first day of school. I anticipated starting my last year of high school by claiming my forever seat on the couch in the library. 

The next day, excitement filled my face and my thoughts raced as I approached the library.

But when I turned into the room, my eyes widened in shock.

The couches were gone. The soft chairs were gone. It was bare. Empty. 

To my left, a student was sitting on a sad couch cushion, which lay on the floor next to the table where my beloved chairs used to reside.

I looked back in anger, searching for librarian Renee Hall.

To my relief, she reassured me that everything will be all right. New couches will be in soon, she said.

But soon wasn’t fast enough.

Yes, I settled for the realization that the couches will be back later, and continued with my routine. But I’m saddened not to start senior year with my cheeks caressed by familiar couch cushions. 

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