Battle of the Bands at Friends

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At Friends, we have quite a few young humans who have taken the daring step to start a band. I’d like to introduce you to a few of the groups we are proud to say have our Quaker roots.

Eli Henslee and Sam Barber make up our longest standing band, Garbage Run. They’ve been playing music together since 5th grade, and have been on a wild journey since then. Garbage Run has had a few members come and go since their humble beginnings at the Quaker School; Senior Kyle Spawn and former Quaker Cailin Cornett were both once in the group. Don’t even get me started on their bass players, they’ve had too many to count. Anyway, they’ve recorded two albums. One they wrote in middle school and released in 2012. The other was written and recorded sometime around the end of their middle school careers and the start of their lives in high school. Right now they are working on a 12 or 13 song album. All of it was written during the past two years, and it’s being recorded at a studio in Hampden. This album is much anticipated, considering their dedicated fanbase. Keep an eye out for Turner Jackson, who is often seen sporting a Garbage Run t-shirt.

We’ve also had some newer bands pop up throughout the years. Early in the 2015-2016 school year former Quake Jacob Garcia-Bunuel and currently MIA Quake Carter Feiss founded Al Dente along with some friends from Gilman. They made their presence known fast, playing various coffeehouses and even participating in (and winning) the Ottobar’s battle of the bands competition. Many FSB students were present at these shows, as Jake and Carter advertised a lot around school. However, when Jake announced his departure from Friends, it was only a matter of time before he moved on from his undercooked-pasta-pals as well. Still, Carter stayed a vital part of Al Dente up until a few weeks ago when he left for semester school. The state of Al Dente is questionable, and we will have to wait and see whether or not we can continue to call them at least partly our own.

Recently, we’ve seen the rise of the Lentil Festival. They became known immediately for their social media presence, as they introduced themselves through dramatic black and white headshots. The band consists of Andrew Ayers on the bass, Chip Barrett on the synth, Charlie Hallock on the drums, Jack Barrett on vocals, and our resident Slovakian Christian Filt on the bass. They’ve been working on original and cover tunes, and will hopefully be playing a show soon.

The Quaker Quill’s own Andie Gasparovic started a band even more recently, along with Pearce Hudson and Eric Scherer. Their name, the Glass Cubes, was inspired by the auditorium lobby. Hopefully they will be sharing their sounds soon, along with all the other bands mentioned.

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