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I’ll start with Sunday Morning. Kayleigh Ford ’17 and Mallory Higgins ’17 had wanted to start a band since spring of 2016, but they didn’t because they were “shy junior girls”, as Kayleigh put it. However, this year they transformed into fierce senior girls, and after becoming friends with Jack Whalen ‘18, famous for his junior hall guitar noodling, they thought why not finally start a band. They had Kayleigh to sing, Mallory to play keyboard and drums, and Jack on guitar. All they needed was a bassist, so they decided to put up some posters around Friends and Gilman to see if anyone would be interested. They got a response from Andrew Poverman, who Kayleigh had actually known before. Things were falling into place for Sunday Morning.

They had their debut performance at coffeehouse in February. After going shopping for the big event, Mallory and Kayleigh both wore stunning floral dresses, and although they had not intended to buy matching outfits it worked and they hope to continue the floral theme in the future. They performed Sunday Morning (ha!) by Velvet Underground, Archie Marry Me by Alvvays, and Please Be My Third Eye by La Sera. Everyone was in awe of their performance; honestly it was just fantastic. Kayleigh’s vocals along with the “dreamy vibe” of their music really put the audience in a great mood. And Mallory picking up the drums for the first time ever was also extremely impressive. When talking to her about the performance, she said, “It felt really great to perform because a lot of people said we couldn’t do it. Also I especially felt proud to be a female drummer.” Kayleigh and Mallory are proud to be some of the only female band members at Friends and in the local area. With such a successful first show, be ready to see a lot more of Sunday Morning in the future.

Another band that performed at coffeehouse is Glass Cube (not to be confused with The Glass Cubes, who have yet to make their way out of the garage). Glass Cube currently consists of Julianne McFarland ’17, Eli Henslee ’17, Max Jacobs ’17, and Steedman Jenkins ’19. As Julianne described it, the group started as “some combination of me, Max, and Eli just being like ‘Hey we should do bluegrass.’” Julianne plays banjo in the group and contributes a little bit of singing, although unfortunately she was sick and could not play at coffeehouse, so Eli did all the singing along with playing the guitar. I think if “shredding” on the violin was going to be a thing, that’s what Max Jacobs does in their band, of course in a bluegrass style. He really killed it at coffeehouse, and with Steedman on the bass to tie it all together, their performance was definitely one for the Friends School Coffeehouse history books.

Glass Cube and Sunday Morning are actually hoping to do some collaboration in the future. Sunday Morning already invited Eli Henslee of Glass Cube to sing a duet with them. When talking to Glass Cube about this, Max said he worries that Sunday morning wants more than just a duet with Henslee, telling Eli his fears that “they’re trying to poach” him. However, Eli calmed him with sweet, caring words, saying “Max no one could poach me from you, don’t worry. We are a loving family.” Eli is trying to get all of Glass Cube in on his relationship with Sunday Morning. He is currently working with them to book a joint gig at Joe Squared sometime in the future. Definitely keep an eye out for that.

Now we thought we were going to finally hear The Lentil Festival perform at coffeehouse, but we only got 2/5 because lead singer, Jack Barrett ’18, was too ill to perform. Although Andrew Ayers ’18 and Charlie Hallock ’18 did great, I have to wonder if Lentil will be able to keep up with our newest up and coming bands, Sunday Morning and Glass Cube. Stay tuned for more.

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