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Darryl Harris, guest writer

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Last week in collection Darryl Harris and Aaron Wright performed. I asked Darryl to transcribe his lyrics. His lyrics are printed here and we will hopefully have the recording for you all to listen to sometime this week-Ms Hall

If there’s a will there’s a way, i’m just trynna find mine the rhymes that I relay display that I’m in prime, Destined to be like Ali, The Greatest Of All Time. You should go for yours cause you know I’m going for mine

 Refrain :  Yes Yes Ya’ll, Keep Hope Alive Ya’ll (x1)

 Verse :  Keep Hope Alive, I plan to survive and strive, I don’t shuck and Jive, I’ll make classics like the Jackson 5, Minus the drama and the shock trauma, I’ve promised to bring change to the game like Barack Obama. I’m new to the game but I’m seen as the solution, Weak rappers out here are the source of Hip Hop’s pollution, I came to crush all illusions and start the Revolution, forever cruising, I’m dope but not using.

 The game is blind so I often find myself writing in braille. Today’s rappers are frail and dying’s the only way I’d fail. But I don’t want to be a star. I don’t want a new car. I write ill raps that are more than up to par. Your rhymes can’t take you far, if they have no meaning, I’ll lyrically run up on you in the evening and have the whole world screaming, fiending for the rhymes that I invent, it takes a long time to write rhymes that are intelligent and relevant.

 But I’m not in it for the recognition, i’m in it because I became the definition of ill. My illness is the will to get in the grill and kill and drill any rapper who claims to keep it real

 Verse 2 : Houston Oiler, Like Earl Campbell. I trample weak rappers while I dismantle the preamble. This is court with no attorney, Hitchiker with no journey. Been around for a while and haven’t met a rapper who could burn me. Because I write Illustrious Illustrations that leave all imatations in devastation. My imagination is very keen destined to be the illest mc you’ve ever seen. Legendary A little scary, since I’m just a teen.

 Closing : and i’m very ill on the microphone, if you ain’t ill, i suggest you chill and leave the mic alone. I’m rap’s Michael Corleone. The King is here to take the throne. And I’m done.

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Lyrics to go