Songs to Listen to with your Valentine

Tucker Glotzbach

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6. Your Body is a Wonderland – John Mayer

John Mayer is sensual. There’s not much else to say. He takes a rap song level sexual idea, and turns it into a soft, lovely song that your mom listens to. I don’t know how Mayer so easily slips this song by everyone, the first stanza goes “We got the afternoon/You got this room for two/One thing I’ve left to do/Discover me/Discovering you”. This is a great starter to your Valentine’s Day playlist because it so, so subtly mixes lust with something that you could hear in a coffeehouse.  

  1. 5.     La Vie en Rose – Louis Armstrong

This song was first performed and popularized by the French singer Édith Piaf in 1946. Her version is very good and will definitely put you in the mood for Valentine’s Day. I chose Louis Armstrong’s version solely for the muted trumpet. Louis opens the song with the melody beautifully played on his trumpet and it just sends tingles through your body.

 4. 21 Questions- 50 Cent

Just about every rap song has a reference to some sort of “love” and if it doesn’t, the music video does. But, this is one of the few rap songs about actual love. 50 Cent rhymes about the struggles of being in love in the rap game and how it’s hard to tell if a woman loves him for him or for all the other things that go with his profession. Nothing says Valentine’s Day like 50 Cent’s slurred flow saying “I love you like a fat kid loves cake”.

 3. Georgia On My Mind- Ray Charles

NOTE: This is NOT the Michael Bublé version. If this song doesn’t make you want to be with your loved one, I don’t know what will. Ray Charles’ soulful voice really brings all the emotion to this song. The bluesy, jazzy music that goes along with it is just the icing on the cake. This is a must for all you lovers out there.

2. Your Song – Elton John

This song epitomizes the idea of a love song. It isn’t about love lost, or love gotten, it’s just an ode to how much he loves this person. “I hope you don’t mind that I put down in words how wonderful life is while you’re in the world” John sings over a beautiful piano part. It is a must on every Valentine’s Day playlist.

1.  Anything by Marvin Gaye or Al Green

“Let’s Get It On”, “Sexual Healing”, “Let’s Stay Together”, “I Wish You Were Here”, what more can you ask for from these two singers? Gaye puts the feeling of lust and passion to music, while Green sings ballads of staying together and long lasting love. This probably comes from their very different backgrounds, Green is also a reverend, and Gaye was something of the opposite. But, the combination of these two men will start a fire during your Valentine’s Day excursion. 

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Songs to Listen to with your Valentine