Growing Pains

Tucker Glotzbach

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Over the year or so Growing Pains has been in existence, I’ve had a lot of people ask me what it is. I usually respond with “What isn’t Growing Pains?”, or the more helpful answer, “A club where dudes talk about guy stuff.” But, for one to fully understand Growing Pains, they should know where it all started from.
It all started on a prospective student’s night for the Ambassador Club. It was getting a little late on that fateful spring night; the crowd was thinning out, and Corey Schmidt, Will Davis, Cedric Charlier, Mr. Carlin, and I were standing around, talking and telling stories. Mr. Carlin was getting a kick out of the story of the time I had lost a bet and had to wear women’s underwear to school for a day. He then wanted to hear more “Tucker Stories,” as Will likes to call them, and we spent a long time going through them. Mr. Carlin sent Walker, Corey, Ben Halvorsen, Will, and Cedric an email that summer, saying we needed to start a club where more guys could come together and tell stories about the awesome and dumb stuff they do.
There were many names thrown around before we chose Growing Pains. I wanted to call it the “Friends School Gentleman’s Club,” but that wasn’t school appropriate for multiple reasons. Mr. Carlin came up with the name “Growing Pains” because of an old TV series about a family with reckless kids, and we decided it fit.
The first year of Growing Pains was not what we wanted it to be due to disorganization. Later that first year, we came to realize that a group run completely by men didn’t have the organizational skills that other clubs, like Habitat for Humanity, had. Therefore, we decided to stick to our roots and have only “talking meetings” from then on.
This year we’ve been doing a lot more talking, and it’s been going well. Growing Pains has evolved from a club about men talking to much, much more. My proudest moment of Growing Pains was this year when we talked about appropriate behavior at Homecoming. It showed what Growing Pains was all about. We had students, Mr. Carlin, and Mr. McManus all there. What was great was that Mr. McManus and Mr. Carlin weren’t there as faculty members – they were there as peers who wanted to teach us proper etiquette, and wanted a successful dance. We talked a lot about appropriate behavior and respecting women’s bodies. We decided the men can behave themselves, but if the women do something inappropriate, we will be the ones that keep them in line. For the ladies reading this article, if someone said to you “Respect yourself, Growing Pains!” or “No! Stop! What are you doing? Growing Pains!” you may have been getting a little ticked off. I was very proud when I heard “Growing Pains!” being shouted around me at the dance.
The 2011 McNugget Eating Championship was also a success. It definitely stretched our organizational skills, and, in normal Growing Pains manor, there were some location and time changes, but it all worked out greatly.
So, all men of Friends School are invited to come to all Growing Pains meetings, second half of M Block on Wednesdays. You’ll hear some funny stories, talk about random things, and have a good time.


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Growing Pains