A Chat with Ms Fetter

Clarissa Martin, Writer

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While free from the challenging equations often worked into her various math classes, Ms. Fetter sets aside some time for Sunday relaxation. Upon waking up on a chilly winter morning, Ms. Fetter first looks to her cheerios, grapefruit, and orange juice for a morning jumpstart.  After some quality reading time often featuring her favorite Agatha Christie novel, she gathers her Dotsons for a walk around St. Albans Way. Because her three favorite “little ones” love to tangle around her feet, Ms.  Fetter can only take one at a time so that she will not break her wrist. After walking her dogs, Ms. Fetter is happy to arrive back home to her Duke “Blue Devils”.  During the game, she will often reminisce of her Duke days. She was basketball crazy -much before Duke became a bandwagon team, of course- and would arrive three hours before a basketball game to secure a perfect mid-court seat. Though her living room lacks the enthusiastic coaches, cheerleaders, and buzzing scoreboards present at all Duke games, Ms. Fetter is perfectly content watching the games at home. Nothing is better than snuggling with her dogs as she cheers on her favorite athletes. After her sports are over, a quick glance at the clock tells Ms. Fetter that it is time to finish her grading. With her calculator, grading pen, and heap of stickers, she is prepared to crack down on various geometry and calculus papers and quizzes. When she is done her grading, she prepares her dinner and curls up next to her dogs to enjoy a nice Sunday night movie. She then must gather up her school materials and go to bed so that she can be “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed” for the upcoming week.        To Ms. Fetter’s joy, her spring Sunday brings with it a welcomed amount of March Madness basketball.  She is often glued to the TV cheering her Blue Devils on to the final round. If Duke happens not to make the playoffs, Ms. Fetter proudly cheers for another fine ACC team…except UNC. Much like a true Duke fan, Ms.  Fetter would “rather die than root for Carolina”. While free from school during the summer months, Ms. Fetter adopts a new Sunday routine. Free from grading, she has time to travel to Accomack, Virginia, to visit her sister. She trades in her TI-84 for scissors to help sheer the sheep and goats on the farm. While in back in Baltimore, Ms. Fetter also often spends time catching up on the things she put on hold during the school year. Ms. Fetter also takes many trips to the surrounding craft fairs. The various photo frames, scrap books, and jewelry pieces offer some inspiration to Ms. Fetter and she is glad to pick up some new ideas. Her Sunday routine during the summer is one of her favorites because she has an ample amount of time to catch up on all of the work she placed on hold during the school year. She can clean out those dusty cabinets and organize the closets to make sure her house is in tip-top shape. Before long however, Ms. Fetter has to trade in her Sunday gardening for school as September approaches.

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A Chat with Ms Fetter