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Why the new dress code so great? Why does everyone like it?



If you spotted Shania on November 7, 2017, then you know why. But, if you didn’t, let me paint a picture for you: a jean cardigan and regular old jeans. Cool, right? Let me paint yet another picture for you. October 31, Caroline Kevin, sweatpants, sweatshirt, slippers. Comfort or fashion, something that should be a student’s decision, not the schools. We now have the freedom to express ourselves within our clothes, whether that is channeling your inner Marilyn Monroe, or sleep deprived high school student. I guess it’s pretty cool to have a dress code consistent with our school’s Quaker values of individuality and statement of respect.


So, my family has this stuffed bear that has been passed down for generations. This year, the bear was passed down to me. The responsibility of being the bear-keeper is pretty light. There is only one rule: do NOT put the bear on your bed. Well, guess what I did? I put it on my bed before I went to sleep one night. Every morning since then, the bear seems to have moved on its own. Could this be some supernatural or just me sleepwalking? What should I do?

~Anonymous and afraid


It’s too bad that this was submitted for the November not October/Halloween edition because this is quite the haunting story. Anyhow, I think you ought to post an ad calling for a ghostbuster or a spirit hunter. They could definitely help you bust open this nail-biting mystery! Take this problem very seriously. Don’t go anywhere alone. You don’t know if something/someone is moving the bear, or the bear is moving. You should probably give the bear back or to another relative since it seems as if you have permanently upset it. Better play it safe than sorry!

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