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For November’s topic, our debate team took on a very controversial and relevant topic. Resolved: The United States should require universal background checks for all gun sales and transfers of ownership. This was a really hard topic to debate, because as public forum debaters, we have to be completely unbiased.

Let’s delve into the specifics of pro and con.

Pro: The reason we should require universal background checks is pretty straightforward: decrease in violence and gun-related deaths. In states where universal background checks are enforced, we see massive decreases in domestic violence abuses and suicide rates, since universal background checks prevent known perpetrators and those with serious mental health records from obtaining guns. In addition, other countries like Australia and Japan, have universal background checks and have seen very positive results.

Con: The reason we shouldn’t require background checks is a little more complicated. Two of the main arguments is an increase in black market use the fact that it is infeasible. There has been a historical precedent of restriction of a substance leading to its increasing presence on the black market. Since known criminals won’t be able to obtain guns through straw purchases or out of state trafficking, they will turn to the black market. This would have a negative impact because the government wouldn’t have any idea of who has guns. The other reason to negate the resolution is the fact that universal background checks would lead to a national gun registry, which would not only be an invasion of privacy but lead to a slippery slope of government overreach. Also, the NICS would be physically incapable of having knowledge of and processing all of the gun sales and transfers of ownership. The NICS is already extremely inaccurate, as, in the Texas mass shooting, the killer was on a list of people who should not be sold guns, yet he obtained one legally directly from a dealer.

December’s topic is Resolved: NCAA student-athletes ought to be recognized as employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act. If you are interested in this topic or learning more about this topic, come to our next tournament, December 16 or one of our meetings in Mr. Hesnchen’s Room (US 119).

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