The Dining Hall Crisis

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Here we are again, folks, talking about the dining hall. Surprisingly, since the last article, there, in fact, have been some changes to the dining hall menu. On October 16th, Flik (the company that caters the dining hall) sent out an email stating the “new offerings,” these include ‘grab and go’ hot sandwiches and another item depending on the day. They also said there would be an ice cream bar every day at lunch, but it’s only happened a few times.

Now, I got some feedback from a fellow sophomore and dining hall regular, Grey Henry. When asked about the new grab and go sandwiches, he responded with, “Not the best thing, they really don’t look appetizing.” He is very passionate about the ice cream situation, stating “It sucks. They should not have taken away the ice cream. That was a big mistake. Bring back the ice cream! That’s all I want.”

I also had a conversation with the science teacher, Mrs. Hicks, who is very angry about the changes to the dining hall this year. She made a very important point, saying “They need more protein, all these kids play sports and these tiny portions without much protein won’t fill these kids up, I don’t like hungry children. Kids can’t focus when they’re hungry. Don’t starve my kids!”

This is very true, the school makes us play (or manage) a sport every year, and I know from experience that in order to go and play my best every day, I need food and a lot of it. And even with the new changes, I have found myself leaving the “caf” still hungry on days I forget to pack a lunch. So although there have been some changes, the dining hall still has a lot they need to fix.


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The Dining Hall Crisis