Five Types of People You See During Meeting for Worship

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  1. The group of people who rush to the meeting house several minutes beforehand so that they can get the coveted shorter benches in the corner that allow them to rest their heads against the wall in the most comfortable position.
  2. The first person who coughs or sneezes during meeting, which subsequently gives everyone else permission to start their own coughing/sneezing fits.
  3. People (like me) who close their eyes and think about idyllic situations, such as going on a world tour with Beyonce, in order to pass the time and escape from reality. People who do this also may tend to use Meeting to go over past conversations or arguments with other people in their head, thinking of things that they wish they could have said in the moment, and then feeling foolish.
  4. That teacher who you thought was intensely centering themselves, until you see their head bobbing and you realize that they are actually nodding off in microsleep.
  5. That one member of a friend group who begins laughing for no reason and who then scans the room to make eye contact with their friends. Then all of those friends will begin to smirk and try to cover up the laughing while everyone else, who isn’t in on the joke, must hear their muffled giggles.
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Five Types of People You See During Meeting for Worship