Farewell Article: Charlie Blake

Charlie Blake, Layout Editor

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It feels like only yesterday when I was walking into my first Quaker Quill meeting as a freshman. A year before, I had heard of the Scarlet Sun, which was the middle school newspaper; however I never really had the interest to join. I had seen the Quaker Quill around campus; there were stacks of issues in each grade hall every month. I wanted to find out what was behind all of these illustrious issues. I made my way up to the art room to find 20 kids from various grades huddled around a table, pepperoni pizza in hand, frantically calling out article names in hopes to have their idea praised by the higher authority who was Hannah Meshulam (’13) at the time. I tried to get a view of the table by pushing by a couple intimidating upperclassmen and claim my spot at the table of ideas. I was overwhelmed not only by the mountainous pile of pizza boxes in front of me but from the energy of everybody in the room. I knew at that moment it was my time to make my mark on the Quill. It was the last issue of the year before the seniors would be leaving and elect a new club head to carry on the duties for the next year. I was eager to get involved with this new club; I had so many ideas in my head.

It seemed like forever before there was any silence in the room, at the moment I spoke up. “I’ve got an article idea”, I said in a low hushed tone. At that moment, every head in that room turned to me. It felt like I was being backed into a corner. Coincidentally I was in the corner of the room, yet I still was able to get the words out of my mouth. I shared my idea with the group and they all liked it and added it to the list and moved on. It was a big weight off my shoulders to have my idea instantly approved, and to have all eyes off me while the meeting continued. My first article was about the old MTV show Punk’d coming back for another season. The day of the meeting is when I started and finished my article. When my parents got home from work I read the opening paragraph like it was an award acceptance speech. I felt like I had found some hidden gem, an untapped resource. When the issue came out and I saw my article printed in the Quill, I thought I had made it big. I was so overjoyed I wanted to frame that page. I was on cloud nine.

Throughout the years my job has been a little more serious than it was at the start. The next year I became the web designer for the Quill where I would set things up on the website each issue and put new articles up online for everybody to view. Over the years the Quill has done a lot for me. It’s given me a voice and let me express my feelings about a topic through an article. It taught me how to manage time and use it efficiently. I wish future writers and staff of the Quill all the best in the future. Hopefully another high school student will step into the world of journalism and take a leap of faith into writing an article just like I did that first day at the meeting.

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Farewell Article: Charlie Blake