Athlete Reactions to Riots

Jake Schindler, Sports Editor

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Sports often unify a city. So when the city is in turmoil, sports stars often try to help out. For example, when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees helped out the city by funding the rebuilding of houses, and convincing the Saints to open up the Superdome (their home stadium) for people to sleep in to save them from the weather. Similarly, when Baltimore was on the edge of violence, local legends such as former Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis and current Orioles center fielder Adam Jones spoke out to the people in the city. Ray Lewis was very emotional about it, as he always was with his pregame speeches that pumped up the team before big games. He starts out his two minute video to the people of Baltimore by saying “No way. No way this can happen in our city,”. Ray has always been passionate about the city of Baltimore, and has been the icon of Baltimore sports for the past 15 years. He goes on to say “Violence is not the answer. Violence has never been the answer,”. Ray speaks about non-violence and how he believes “Rioting in our streets is wrong. Dead wrong,”. Adam Jones spoke about the riots with a different opinion than Ray Lewis. He said “There has been a lot of good protesting, there have been a lot of people standing up for the rights that they have,”. He also went on to say “I feel the pain of these kids. Let’s remember that I grew up on similar tracks as them,”. Jones, who grew up in inner-city San Diego, knows about how hard it is to grow up in the inner-city. He ended his press conference with “This is their (the youth’s) cry. They need hugs. They need love. They need support,”. This just proves that local sports heroes will help their cities in times of need.

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Athlete Reactions to Riots