Meeting for Worship Mistake

Madalynn Williams, Online Editor

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Coming to school on Tuesday April 28th was without a shadow of a doubt an extremely confusing experience. When the city was on its knees in need of support, we were told to pack our bags for our college preparatory education. Only 6 miles from the epicenter of emotions, we were once again told that we were different, the school not associated with Baltimore, and that what happened was not our focus. We trekked up to the Meeting House for our almost procedural 35 minute meeting for worship. The moment we all filed in, I think everybody realized how wrong the next half an hour would be. It was clear that it was too soon to be in that space talking about something so raw. When we all walked out I realized just how insensitive it was to be in school. Still, following suit I headed to my D block class. Luckily my next class was a Wilks class. Realizing that so many people needed a people to express their emotions, Ms. Wilks opened her classroom to students. I remember one student simply asked “why don’t they get it?”  The “they” she referred to was the downpour of students who looked down upon those who chose violence. People shared stories about family members and how scared they were for them. We talked about the social media outburst and how telling it was. I myself read many MLK quotes and “my city”s the night before and realized how big of a disconnect there was. I do appreciate the school’s effort to provide opportunities to serve our Baltimore community, but ultimately in that day, a gaping divide in our school was exposed and I think we’ve yet to discuss the extent it deserves.

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Meeting for Worship Mistake