Freddie Gray Timeline: From Freddie Gray’s Arrest to Charges Against Baltimore Police Officers

Kira Barrett, Editor in Chief

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A Timeline of Freddie Gray’s arrest, public response, and arrests made of Police Officers

April 12th-

8:39 am- police make eye contact with police and pursue him

8:40- police arrest Gray, which was determined by the Maryland State’s Attorney to be illegal because police had no cause for arresting Gray

8:42- police ask for a van, Gray asks for and does not receive inhaler

8:46- police stop the van to do paperwork, put Gray in leg shackles

Gray was bound by his ankles and wrists, and put face down on his stomach in the van for the duration of the van ride.

8:54- van stops

8:59- driver requests another unit to check on Gray, van requested to pick up another person

Multiple officers checked on Gray’s status during the ride, but didn’t respond when Gray said he couldn’t breathe.

9:26- paramedics called to western district police for unconscious male: Gray.

Gray arrived at the police station in cardiac arrest, and despite previous pleas for help, he was given no immediate medical assistance before the paramedics arrived.

9:33- paramedics arrive

9:54- paramedics take Gray to shock trauma


April 18th- Protests begin

April 19th- after a week in a coma, Gray dies

– peaceful protests continue

April 23rd- Hogan says he will summon State troopers to Baltimore

April 25th- Witness to Gray’s arrest says police were trying to intimidate him

-thousands march in peaceful protest,

-some protest turns to vandalism, unrest in downtown Baltimore

-Freddie Gray becomes National News

April 27th- Gray’s funeral

-riots, arson, looting

-Freddie Gray becomes International News

-Mayor declares a state of emergency

Calls in National Guard

-Mayor declares a curfew for Baltimore City

April 28th- City Schools closed

-neighborhood groups help clean up city streets

April 29th- Students march for justice for Freddie

-city cleanup, city curfew, and national guard presence continue

May 1st- State’s Attorney Marylin Mosby announces results of Freddie Gray’s autopsy

-she announces that the 7 officers involved knew Gray needed medical help, that he could die or be seriously injured, and chose not to act. Therefore, it was a homicide.


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Freddie Gray Timeline: From Freddie Gray’s Arrest to Charges Against Baltimore Police Officers