Harvard Men’s Soccer Scandal

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Earlier this year a google document entitled “Scouting Journal” was found in the possession of the entire Harvard University men’s soccer team. This journal was a nine page long document recording every member of the women’s soccer team along with a rating between 1 and 10 of their sexual appeal, explicit descriptions of their physical appearance, offensive nicknames, occasional photographs, and further ponderings on the sexual preferences of these women. It was discovered that the document goes all the way back to 2012, and is not one of a kind but instead apart of a Harvard Men’s Soccer Team tradition. The journal was punished with the cancellation of the rest of the boy’s soccer season. None of the players will receive additional disciplinary actions.


Between Harvard’s Scouting Journal and Donald Trump’s leaked audio clip that he defended as “locker room talk,” we are traveling down a dangerous road towards the normalization of sexist speech. The journal had multiple authors, it was carefully edited and cautiously preserved. Is this organized objectifying and dehumanizing of women at one of the most respected higher education institution a reflection of the direction we are headed?


Some are accrediting the push back against political correctness as a major factor in the Trump victory. Under-represented groups feel censored and even silenced by the uprise of political correctness. There is a popular cartoon going around of three angry people hitting a man in make america great again shirt, their shirts say, tolerance, stop hate, and one has a peace sign. The question is now is finding a middle ground. How do we respect the first amendment and the people with an aversion towards political correctness while simultaneously avoiding situations like the Scouting Journal?  

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Harvard Men’s Soccer Scandal