Friends Witness the Inauguration of Donald Trump

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January 20th marked the inauguration of Donald J. Trump, a president whose campaign coupled with his preliminary weeks in office has completely divided the country. In an effort to make a stand against the hateful ideals Trump embodies, weand four other friends made the trek to DC. Amidst the cries of “Trump!” and troves of Trump merchandise ranging from umbrellas to playing cards, we stuck out like a sore thumb.

None of us knew what to expect that day, but were quickly pushed into a chaotic atmosphere of Trump supporters, both docile and hostile alike. The initial shock of stepping off the metro and into the raging throng of blood-red ‘Make America Great Again’ hats never dissipated for me; wefelt overwhelmingly uncomfortable surrounded by an almost dystopian crowd.  

Aside from the overall “culture” shock, entering the National Mall was an entire process on it’s own. We were herded through metal turnstile after metal turnstile, slowly creeping our way deeper into the heart of Trump territory. The police presence was enormous, and security checkpoints were set up sporadically. In addition to the police forces stationed at each checkpoint, a frighteningly large amount of pro-life demonstrators and religious fanatics flocked towards these hubs. We must have witnessed enough homophobia to last a lifetime, or at the very least a presidency.

The main attraction, of course, was Trump’s inauguration speech. However, this did not stop hordes of supporters from jeering and hurling obscene comments at the Clinton’s and Obama’s whenever a family member made a Jumbotron appearance. The crowd was unsurprisingly monochromatic, both in terms of garb as well as race. While the 45th Inauguration will go down in history, the fight continues.

On the other hand we did not enter the intense security that bordered the National Mall where President Trump was being sworn in. we along with five of our friends, went to D.C. in hopes of  experiencing the atmosphere outside of the Mall. We were going into the event expecting some dangerous situations, but the large majority of the protests were peaceful. There were some isolated instances in which windows were broken and fires were started, but the event was overall peaceful and those who were violent were discouraged by others.

There was much back and forth between the supporters of Trump and those who were opposed, but we personally witnessed no violence among them. There were some of the most powerful isolated protests that we have ever witnessed in our lives. This was when peaceful opposers of the Trump administration lined one the entrances to the mall harms locked together blocking those from entering. Many of the protesters held flowers and were chanting, “Go another way!”  One sensation that our friends and we had was a feeling of dystopia as we walked through the carless streets of D.C.. There was a feeling of uncertainty that we all had wandering around the streets that were blocked by busses and salt trucks to prevent cars from entering the area near the Inauguration. All that could be seen were protestors in the distance and the voice of the recently inaugurated president was heard echoing through the streets. We think for the future the younger generation will need to step forward and let their voices be heard peacefully.

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Friends Witness the Inauguration of Donald Trump