Further North Korean Nuclear Tests; Putin Skirts Sanctions

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This past week, an unidentified missile launch by North Korea landed in the sea after passing over Japan, marking the most recent escalation in an already tense situation. Launched from the Pyongyang, the missile soared over Japan and eventually landed roughly 1,240 miles east of Cape Erimo. Fresh from an alleged hydrogen bomb test earlier this week, the most recent test prompted harsh reprimands and sanctions from the international peacekeeping community.

For years, North Korea has disregarded all nuclear sanctions and continued with their nuclear weapon ambitions. More recently, Putin has skirted sanctions around providing North Korea with oil, prompting outrage from the masses and further complicity from the Trump administration. Tensions have especially tightened in the past few months, as president Trump and Kim Jong-Un have traded threats and insults.

The entire scene is reminiscent of an elementary school fight, where each side antagonizes the other, continuously ramping up their defenses until a point of critical mass is reached. Except in this case, both sides have nuclear weapons capable of leveling the earth dozens of times over.

Both Trump and Kim have expressed their mutual apathy, using similar rhetoric centered around nationalism, pride, and honor. The two leaders have both stated their zero tolerance policies for each other, although both Trump and Kim have been repeatedly intensifying the conflict. Whether they be Kim’s now-infamous “dotard” insult or the flying of American bombers into even farther regions of the demilitarized zone, a civil, diplomatic resolution seems far fetched.

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