The Devastation of Hurricanes Irma & Maria

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On September 8, the Category 5 Hurricane Irma hit Puerto Rico. The hurricane wrecked multiple homes and destroyed the island’s electrical grid. Slightly over a week later, the island was once again hit by Hurricane Maria. Maria wiped out any remaining electricity. Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky, who is the U.N.’s Independent Expert on foreign debt and human rights, spoke on this matter in an interview conducted by Time Magazine. “Even before Hurricane Maria struck, Puerto Rico’s human rights were already being massively undermined by the economic and financial crisis and austerity policies”

Further reports done by the Federal Emergency Management Agency showed that merely 6 weeks after Maria, one-quarter of the population did not have access to potable drinking water and thousands were homeless. For an island of 3.5 million people, these statistics are catastrophic. As tragedy struck and people suffered, the country looked to our most recently elected Commander in Chief, Donald Trump.

Admittedly, President Trump’s reaction to Puerto Rico wasn’t the quickest, though that could be chalked up to the fact that Texas had just been hit by Hurricane Harvey. Any person would be baffled by the quick fire string of hurricanes that occurred in September. Yet when the President did respond, it was in a manner that left many affronted and uneasy.

When President Trump went to Puerto Rico to see the wreckage and hopefully inspire hope for the people of this country, things took a quick turn. Multiple sources say that President Trump told survivors of the two hurricanes that; “they should be lucky they weren’t hit by a real catastrophe like Katrina.”  In another instance, a video of our nation’s leader went viral depicting him throwing rolls of toilet paper into a crowd of survivors.

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