The Joys of Lower Freshman Hall

Katrina Keegan

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            You’ve been there. At some point in your Friends School career, that cramped basement hallway was your home. Graduates to the spacious sophomore hall and beyond try never to step foot there again. A stroll through the dreary hall guarantees at least three “excuse me’s” to the exclusively freshmen swarm. And don’t even try to walk through during transit hours- aka between classes.

Maybe it’s the lack of seating. To accommodate around 80 students, we only have two 3-4 person benches and a stretch of wall with a wooden jut out. The freshie girls have come up with a very creative solution to the lack of space: utilizing our stretches of wall/locker space as a backrest while stretching our legs into the middle of the hallway. Step over or go around.

On the plus side: 50% of the lockers open with no work. On the down side: The other 50% don’t even function as lock-ers. These broken lockers pose the threat of a major breach in security, sold on to your iPhones, people.  At least the clunky, half-dented red mammoths are nicely spacious for backpacks, something that our poor astringed Upper-freshman-hallers cannot boast.


Maybe it’s the strange smell that mysteriously appears every so often. Maybe it’s the annoyance of the low ceilings and industry-style lighting that several of our beloved classmates have learned how to flicker to announce their arrival on the quad-side. Whatever it is, it successfully manages to drive away all upperclassmen as soon as they can hightail it out of there.


But still, there’s something about freshman hall that feels like home. The location isn’t terrible; we have quick access to the library and the caf. Perhaps the cramped quarters that force us all to have contact with one another constantly build a sense of community. Or maybe that smell is a poisonous gas designed to make us complacent. We’ll just have to see whether or not we secretly miss it next year, and I have a sneaking suspicion that I will.

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The Joys of Lower Freshman Hall