New Semester Study Tips

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As the new semester picks up, it’s both a blessing and a curse — it is the second half of the year, so it’s only downhill from here, right? You’ve finally gotten the hang of what your teachers expect from you and you have a renewed motivation to maintain first semester grades. It’s also a good time to reorganize and assess organizational habits that work for you, and jettison those that don’t. After several years of trial and error, here are some habits that have worked especially well for me.

We all have to use Google Drive, and if you haven’t embraced it, now is the time! I spend my energy much better reorganizing files and learning how to use them in the best way that works for me, rather than complaining about the system and, in an act of “rebellion,” deciding that I don’t care anyway. Knowing where everything is located is a tremendous time-saver. I find that having folders with all of my major classes, plus folders for extracurriculars and, for juniors, college, works best for me. Sub-folders with quarter work, or thematic work, also help. With a user-friendly, organized system, you, your teachers, college counselor, and club members have easy access to everything that they may need.

Clean up your emails! Write to teachers and students you never followed up with, and apologize for the late response. Learn how to write an appropriate business email — this is a skill that will help with jobs, business relationships, and a host of other things as you grow older. I hope that these tips help you reorganize this semester. Most importantly, remember that you have control of how you run your education, and it’s your responsibility to decide how much that matters to you. Good luck!


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New Semester Study Tips