What Streaming Service Should I Use?

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In the last edition,  Andie G wrote a piece about vinyl and the relatively recent reappearance of vinyl sales. I have been curious about the world of streaming services as it is still a very new and raw market and there is still quite a bit that needs to be worked out.
In many ways, Spotify has helped smaller artists grow quickly since their music is much more accessible than it would be with CDs, vinyl, or even iTunes’ older pay-per-song system. The problem with this music being more accessible is that it also means that money being paid to each artist is being spread thin.
I was curious with how my listening habits would pay out to artists. Spotify says that each stream pays between $0.006 to $0.0084. Since I am a premium Spotify member in the US, I pay out the full $0.0084 per stream. Compared to my $13.00 a month subscription cost this would mean that I would have to listen to at least 52 songs a day to fully pay out my subscription cost.

However, $.0084 is only what pays to the record label. By the time the money is given to artists, the given artist is making a measly $.0014 per stream. That means you would have to listen to a single artist 715 times to pay them just $1.00. Or if an artist hits the one million streams mark, it means that they make $1,400 dollars. Granted, $1,400 is no small amount but it is hard for a musician to create music consistently on such a small budget.
As Andie said, if you do really want to pay money to an artist you should consider purchasing their albums on vinyl or even better, see them live.

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