Monthly Musings: Why Mason Jars with Handles are the Worst Thing Ever – Andie G.

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Sometimes, after a long day, I’d like to eat out by myself. I’ve eaten at a lot of places this way. Eating by yourself is the way to go when going somewhere new. Afterall, why take the risk of dragging a friend or a date out to a restaurant that you’ve never eaten at before? What if the place sucks? Now you just dragged your date to a place with terrible food and ambiance. Good going.

But sometimes, I like to come back to a few staples. Touloulou in Belvedere is one of them. I usually order a Waialua and a fried oyster po-boy. The waiters and waitresses usually don’t have much going on, so you can chat them up, and it’s a good time. I usually eat at odd times like 4 pm, when there’s no one else around. However, there’s one thing that drives me crazy every time I go there.

They give you Mason jars, with drinking handles.

Do I really have to explain this one? The point of drinking from a Mason jar is that the jar is being repurposed. Mason jars are used to preserve food, you know, like canning pickles or something. Now, the trend is to use these as cups to drink from, which is cool, since you’re using the jar outside of its intended purpose.

Oh man, you’re drinking from a preservation jar? Crazy.

But when you put a drinking handle on it, you have just ruined the cool factor. In fact, the ones at Touloulou even have the words “Drinking Jar” labeled on it. So now we have drinking cups made to look preservation jars. Bloody hell.

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