LGBTQ+ History Month

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At least 1500 animal species are known to demonstrate homosexual or bisexual tendencies. A third, non-male/non-female gender has been acknowledged in cultures that have existed for hundreds of years. Homosexuality among men was a symbol of masculinity and strength in Greek and Roman times. In short, LGBT+ historical events affect and have affected the development and discovery of all cultures, since the beginning of recorded history.

The idea that same-gender relationships are not normal or are a recent development is actually quite new; it was only created in the last century in our country. As such, it is difficult to impossible to separate LGBT+ history from “straight” history. While the history of LGBT+ people is integrated fully with the history of our country, we can’t let ourselves become complacent in our efforts to strive for equity and inclusion for all. While we can celebrate how much we’ve accomplished, we have quite a long distance to cover still. The ban on transgender soldiers serving in the military was recently blocked by a judge following one of the lawsuits filed against it, just after the 22nd reported murder of a transgender person– although the estimated actual number is closer to 40. In 2015 the country rejoiced the ruling that denial of marriage licenses to same-sex couples is unconstitutional, and we were right to do so; activists for LGBT+ rights have been working toward that goal since our country was created. But it’s not the end of the road, it’s a mile marker we should acknowledge and then keep pushing forward, to better and more inclusive policies.

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