Eighteen Resolutions for High Schoolers in 2018!

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  1. Explore the city: there is always something new and interesting to do in Baltimore.
  2. Bring a water bottle to school and stay hydrated.
  3. Instead of complaining about the dining hall, pack your own lunch and have fun with it!
  4. Participate in the school community: go to a game, see the student run play, attend a club meeting.
  5. Expand your music taste! Try a genre you’ve never listened to.
  6. Go to concerts — because nothing’s better than seeing bands live! There are local music venues here in Baltimore.
  7. Set goals for yourself in school, and use these to motivate you to work hard throughout the second semester.
  8. Keep a journal! One day, you might want to look back and remember your high school days, so write down your crazy and embarrassing experiences.
  9. Read books: if you’re tired of our world, escape into another one.
  10. Take that risk you’ve been hesitant to take: join the team! Try out for the musical!
  11. Get in the habit of keeping your room clean (your parents and future college roommates will thank you).
  12. Tired of your wardrobe? Try thrifting: good for the environment, for finding cool clothes, and for your wallet!
  13. Stay interested in class: take colorful and neat notes; ask questions; make connections to the things you care about.
  14. Give yourself a break! Take time for self care: watch your favorite movie, take a bath, bake some brownies.
  15. Learn how to change a tire, check your oil, what to do if you get in an accident, and other ways to be a safe driver.
  16. Get informed about the world around you: learn what’s going on near and far, and when things are upsetting, take direct action, like calling representatives.
  17. It’s easy to only think about the stressful things in high school. Practice being appreciative of the good things, too.
  18. If you’re really having a hard time, reach out to a trusted friend, adult, teacher, counselor; look into the resources at school. Let 2018 be a year to grow into yourself!


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