Youtuber Logan Paul’s Scandalous Upload

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If for some reason you have been living under a rock, and haven’t heard of Youtube “star” Logan Paul, well, your not missing much. He is the 40th most-subscribed channels on Youtube with a fan base of over sixteen million and an annual income of $13 million. He is also a complete idiot.

On New Year’s day, Paul ruined his career in seconds when he posted a vlog titled “We found a dead body in the Japanese Suicide Forest…” Unfortunately, unlike many of his videos, this one was not clickbait. The video contained extremely graphic footage of suicide victim hung from a tree, with only his face blurred out. Even more disturbing, Paul filmed his reaction, laughter, and uploaded it. Within 24 hours, this video hit over 7 million views and was viewed countless times by his large fan base consisting of children under the age of 14. Naturally, the Internet responded with outrage. Public figure Aaron Paul (no relation) told Logan he should go “rot in hell,” and others such as Piers Morgan said he was a “sick, twisted, heartless little prick.” Many of Paul’s fans attempt to explain his behavior saying he simply wasn’t thinking and use the hashtag #LoganYouAreForgiven to try and erase the irreparable damage Logan has caused. And what’s Logan’s excuse? He was trying to “raise awareness” by exploiting a victim of suicide, taking away their dignity, leaving family members distressed, scarring young viewers with inerasable images, and showing his absolute disrespect for those suffering from mental illness. He uploaded a superficial scripted video apologizing for his previous and trying to mask the lasting effects that he caused. As the one month mark has passed marking the notorious anniversary of this disgusting video, Paul continues to ridicule the situation and went as far to make an video interviewing those who had been affected by suicide. Although in theory it may seem as if he has finally had a realization and is using his fan base for good, Paul is capitalizing off of his mistake to garners and is manipulating the public. Logan Paul needs to be removed from the public eye and from social media as a whole where he only continues to deepen the lacerations he has brought about by his vulgar and obscene behavior.


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