Ken Zalis – Fantasy Football Guru

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Early one morning, senior Max Rollfinke heard a familiar voice on 105.7 The Fan, Baltimore’s primary sports radio station. “I was just listening, and they started talking about fantasy sports with KZ,” he said. “I had to keep listening to make sure it was our KZ, and sure enough it was.” Ken Zalis may be known throughout the Friends School community as the communicator for everything sports related, but he is actually a successful fantasy football player and one known around the fantasy sports world. Zalis got into fantasy football after starting in 2003. Later on, he connected with Jeremy Conn while he was on WNST. They did a fantasy segment each Friday on his show. He was put together with Rob Long on WNST, where he followed Long to Q1370. On Q1370, Long and Zalis did Monday, Friday and Saturday shows. He once again followed Long to 105.7 The Fan, where he is on every Thursday at 7:40, as well as guest appearing on other 105.7 The Fan shows when asked. He does shows on Monday nights on 1370AM and 1300AM, and he is also a frequent guest on Sirius/SM Fantasy Drive which airs Monday through Friday from 7-9 PM.

While KZ appears on fantasy sports shows that can be heard around the country, he also plays in a local fantasy football league with the Friends School faculty. The league includes KZ as well as Mrs. McGinty, Mr. Raines, Mr. Binford, Mr. Barnes, Mr. McVey, Mrs. Stup, Mr. Ball, Mr. Marbury, Mrs. Saudek, Mr. McManus, Mr. Bonn, Mr. Tiggle, Mrs. Oakes, Ms. Watts and Mrs. Smith. As of week 12 of the NFL season, Mrs. Saudek holds an impressive 11-1 record and leads the entire league, with Mr. McManus, Mr. McVey, Mrs. Oakes and KZ following close behind. It is certainly interesting to know that there is a faculty fantasy football league, since most students imagine that fantasy sports is for the younger generation.

KZ started playing fantasy football early on. In 1988, KZ was working in Towson and started a league with his co-workers. The league ended last year, after 27 years of competition. The game has changed since 1988. In 2003, KZ decided that he would try to take his love of fantasy football to the next level, since he “thought he was as good as, if not better, than the ‘experts’ they had on the shows”. He has been nationally ranked by for the past 5 years, which tracks 125 fantasy players every year. KZ is truly more than just “that email guy”. He is a nationally ranked genius of fantasy sports.

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Ken Zalis – Fantasy Football Guru