Quaker Nation Spring Sports Preview

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Spring Sports Preview

Jake Rainess


Ah, the spring time.  Don’t you just love it?  I mean seriously, what’s not to love?  You get the warm sun coming back, a nice breeze and the birds – I love the birds.  I do have to admit, the one thing I love more than anything is the return of baseball season.  I was just down in Florida playing ball and boy I can NOT wait for the team to get together!  In Florida, I stayed right next to a PGA golf course.  The Quakes have a very storied golf program and will be chasing another ring!  As much as I love baseball, I have to admit I’m a sucker for a lacrosse game.  I look forward to sitting out on the turf or in the stands and watching some of the action.  Moving inside to the rockin’ Quaker Dome, the Olympics really got me excited for badminton!  It is a very interesting and fun game.  Not to mention the legendary Tom Buck coaches the very talented team.  The other racquet sport on campus, tennis, looks to win a lot of matches and the Lady Quakes on the softball dirt will have an exciting season.  Friends in the spring is a joyous place to be.  We are that much closer to summer, and we get to watch all these talented teams chase championships.  See you in the sun!



Back to basics.  Last year, the Quakes suffered a pretty horrid season.  They were missing many pieces that are ready to put some W’s on the board.  Health was a big factor last season.  Josh Brooks and I were sidelined for many games, along with many members of the pitching staff. This year we plan to turn it around and get back to basics.  The team is going to simplify the game – Throw, hit, catch, and run.  We have a young squad with some upperclassmen leadership, including Quill editor-in-chief Max Rollfinke!  Not to mention a new bat boy in a few years.  Coach and new dad, Brett Linnenkohl recently welcomed his son Jack to this world.  Brett will be busy between the team and his son, so he brought in a few former Friends School students to help coach the squad this year.  The guys are already having a lot of fun together and can’t wait to be playing ball under the sun!


Boys Lacrosse

The boys are back in town!  This will be fun.  A fan favorite by all of Quaker Nation, the lacrosse program is taking a huge step.  This year, for the first time ever, the boys will be led into battle by Head Coach Bill Ball!  Mr. Ball is a very accomplished coach whose trophy case is already pretty full.  Mary Washington commit Will “Mort” Mortimer has been sidelined due to injury.  Naz commit Dakota Allis will take on a larger role this season.  Look for Junior studs Owen McManus and Patrick Linehan to lead the team this year.  When asked about the team Owen said, “I love my teammates like they are my brothers.  Coach Ball is a great father figure to the fellas.”  Lacrosse is such a fun game, and I’ve learned a lot about it from former Quake Jake Saudek.  My lax mind predicts a big season from the young Quakes and hopefully a deep run with the Nation rooting them on!  Mr. Ball would love another trophy in the case.  Can’t wait!


Girls Lacrosse

Led by Johns Hopkins commit Carli Freeman ‘18, and strong Senior Irene Lunt, the Lady Quakes are poised to make a strong run this year.  All of the Seniors will be super motivated to go deep into the postseason, and they all know that the journey starts now, in the brisk March months.  Senior Tessa Noble is especially excited to be out in the sun.  She has been heard saying “Lax is life!” in anticipation of the season.  I’ve been walking around campus and couldn’t help but notice that the team has been working super hard in practice, and often ending practice with intense conditioning.  The girls program is known for having strong teams led by a great coaching staff.  They are going all the way this spring.  Go Lady Quakes!  



Coming off of a stellar season, the golf team is back for more.  Led by Junior Cameron Matsui and Senior Jay Crawford, they are looking to exceed the already high expectations.  The golf team may be a little light on numbers.  Junior Cameron Matsui said, “Someone needs to join the golf team” and he is hoping that this article inspires many to come out and hit the links.  There’s nothing more relaxing than a nice round of golf.  It has to be one of the most enjoyable sports on campus.  I mean seriously, everyone wants to spend some time in the sun with their Friends School buddies!  If anyone is interested in joining the squad you should contact Cameron!  It will be a lot of fun and we wish the team the best.  Hit it far and straight!



The badminton team is in good hands yet again with Head Coach Tom Buck.  Mr. Buck LOVES the springtime.  He loves to get outside, witness some “Orioles magic”, and see the Quakes win some long rallies.  This year the team is led by Seniors Riley Gerrity, Mary Budnitz, Hanna Field, Ruby Pritchett, and Erin Farrugia.  When asked about this year’s team, Erin said, “We have smaller numbers than past years.  The legendary ‘Tbuck’ has people switching positions and partners to create as strong a team as we can have.”  Erin is a leader on the court and would be an awesome Prom date.  (Will you go to Prom with me?)  Anyways, back to badminton, Junior Jocy Gann will play a large role in the Quakes success.  The fiery and competitive squad is ready to go and it should be a rockin’ year for the Lady Quakes.  We are hopeful they take home the title!  Hit the birdie hard!



Roger Federer is good at tennis.  I mean c’mon! 18 majors?!  Unfortunately, Roger is not a member of the Quaker tennis team, but they have the high school equivalent in Junior Charlie Hallock.  Charlie has been playing tennis for a long time and is hoping that he can continue playing at the next level.  He hopes to have a Federer esque year for the Quakes.  Along with Charlie, the team has a lot of talent.  Coach John Hilzendeger will teach the skills and techniques needed to achieve their max potential.  We can’t wait to see a lot of Quaker fans taking time to view some of the action.  See you at the courts!



Led by Coach Ken “KZ” Zalis, the softball team hopes to compete this year in their conference.  New addition Katie Capizzi ‘18 is going to be a really strong piece for them.  Katie plays summer ball at a high level and hopefully that will translate to some W’s.  The team has a lot of leadership from all classes, including Madison Moore ‘17 and Tyler Rifkin ‘18!  When asked about her expectations this year, Tyler said, “We’re going to the ‘ship!”  The team is going to have a lot of fun and hopes to see a deep playoff run.  Head on over to the 33rd Street YMCA and check them out!


As the weather warms and school begins to come to a close, we hope to be watching some playoff action from all of our Quaker Teams.  Quaker Nation wishes the best to all of our teams competing this year!  We strongly encourage every member of Quaker Nation to get out and enjoy the sun.  Hello Spring!


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