Ultimate Frisbee Club

November 6, 2022

  Meets on the Turf 

It was a cool day out on the turf, and around 15 people were playing Ultimate Frisbee. The rules of the game are simple: there are two teams. The setup is similar to handball, except you only get to take two steps. There are endzones, and both teams are trying to throw to other team members who are in the endzone. 

Here at Friends, the Ultimate club heads are Benjamin Lopez and Noah Sheasby. Physics teacher Victor Polyak advises the club.

On the first Community Day of the year, September 28th, club head Benjamin Lopez said that the group was having a fun day out on the turf, and everything had been going well. 

Sevie Schulhoff, ‘23, said Ultimate Frisbee is fun – but that we should ask again in the spring when it is an actual sport. 

Overall, the club was very organized, and everyone was having a great time even though it was a little cold outside. 

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