About the Quill

The Quaker Quill: in print and on the web

The Quill aims to report the truth in an objective and fair manner.  It is the voice of the student body, not of the administration.  Any and all students are free to contribute to the Quill.  We reserve the right not to publish articles written intentionally to cause harm, of a discriminatory nature, or containing libelous statements.  We also reserve the right to decline any submissions.  Any article reflects the opinion of the author.  All letters to the editor can be edited for content and length.  All letters to the editor will be read, but may not be published. 

Email Jane Sartwell: [email protected] with questions

Email Ben Burgunder: [email protected] with online edition questions

The faculty advisor is Ms. Melchin

Quill Meetings happen in the art rooms, during lunch, announced via email. Also, feel free to drop by any club block to talk to the leadership team or faculty advisor.

Follow us @thequakerquill on Instagram and Twitter.

For 2017-2018 the Quill will be published 6 times. October/November/December/February/April/May. This schedule is created at the end of every school year in conversation with the student team. It takes into consideration, the college application process for seniors, school breaks (Thanksgiving, winter, and spring) and does its best to stay on deadline!

The website will be updated in sync with the paper edition, except in cases where the content is web only. That content will be changed at the time it is available for upload.

About the Quill