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Junior and journalism student Ben Keller models the nose-over-mask look.

Opinion: Pull Your Masks Up, Boys

Ben Graff, Contributor November 16, 2021
Until now, I have been silent about my burning hatred of the exposed noses of 'masked' kids at this school.
The class of 22 takes an opportunity to bond.

COVID Took a Toll on the Class of ’22

Lindsey Greco, Contributor November 16, 2021
The pandemic stole bonding time our class badly needed. But we should still fight to come together in the time we have left.
Junior Alex Harner wears her cross-country shorts in the Friends School gym.

Shirts and Short-Shorts: Inconsistency in Sports Dress Code

Vincent Walk, Contributor November 16, 2021

At the start of this year's cross-country season, the Athletic Department hit the team with new rules regarding our dress code.  Specifically, our shirts. Or, more accurately, the lack of them.  As...

Mr. Henschens senior advisory meets over Zoom.

A Virtual Beginning

Audrey Lin, Staff Writer December 14, 2020
Who ever heard of entering high school and making friends over Zoom?
Lack of Jewish Culture Recognition at Friends

Lack of Jewish Culture Recognition at Friends

Natalie Shmerler, Contributor October 13, 2020
When I told the coach I would be absent, she yelled to the other coach, in front of everyone, “that Jew over there” wouldn’t be able to make the game.
A small COVID-era bright spot was more homes in Baltimore City getting free internet access.

My Pandemic Perspective

Parker Hollendoner, Contributor June 1, 2020
We've missed a lot in quarantine - but also, hopefully, learned a lot.
Friends School Should Teach Engineering

Friends School Should Teach Engineering

Henry Geller, Editor-in-Chief February 10, 2020
Engineers are the people who will build the future of our country and our world. Our school should act like it.
Academic Alerts Degrade Students

Academic Alerts Degrade Students

Thomas Ellberg, Contributor February 10, 2020
Nothing compares to the heart-dropping-feeling of seeing an Academic Alert on myFriends.
Stony Run Friends Meetinghouse, on the Friends campus

What Underclassmen Can Learn From Meeting: A Senior Reflection

Kyle Christoff, Contributor February 10, 2020
Recently, I saw a display of disrespect in Meeting for Worship that really shocked me.
Dyslexic at Friends: A Change for the Better

Dyslexic at Friends: A Change for the Better

Jack Weinberg, Contributor February 10, 2020

After attending Friends in pre-K, I switched schools in 4th grade to go to Jemicy. I did not want to go to Jemicy because young Jack did not like change. Jemicy is a school that specializes in teaching...

Lack of Diversity on SFDC Daunts Black Students

Lack of Diversity on SFDC Daunts Black Students

Molly Gantt, Editor-in-Chief February 10, 2020

Nobody enjoys going before the Student Faculty Disciplinary Committee (SFDC). But it’s worse for African American students than others. “I walked in the room and I felt so intimidated...

If I Wore Camo, Teachers Could Still See Me

If I Wore Camo, Teachers Could Still See Me

Rob Scott, Contributor February 10, 2020

In recent years, the Friends School dress code has made strides towards being more inclusive and less restrictive. However, there is one regulation that hasn’t changed: the rule prohibiting...

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