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November 6, 2022


Sam Funk

Friends alumna Carolyn Villena was the guest speaker for Spanish Club’s second Community Day gathering.

  Meets in Upper School Room 118  

On the second community day of the year, Spanish club spent C3 with Carolyn Villena, a guest speaker from Lutheran World Relief (LWR) and a Friends School alum.

The room was packed with students, filling every chair and most of the floor. Though some may have come for extra credit, the presentation kept everyone engaged no matter why they were there. 

A delicious portion of the presentation was the food. Peruvian dishes like Pollo a la Brassa and Picarones on Bunuelo made everyone want to visit the Peruvian restaurant El Gran Pollo. Even some of the more peculiar dishes (such as Cuy Chactado, which includes guinea pig meat), sparked interest. 

Ms. Villena then showed two videos about the work LWR has been doing in different countries. 

The first, “Providing Better Futures in Peru, focused on a small town, Castrovirreyna. The town is abandoned by the state, leading to many hardships such as malnutrition. LWR works to provide healthy and balanced diets to the community, brightening their futures. 

The other video, “Improving Health in Guatemala,” was based in Canton Pin Pin, where safe drinking water is not available, and many are not getting enough nutrients. LWR provides water filters, educates on the nutrients that the body needs, and helps to produce said nutrients through good agricultural practices. 

Villena’s presentation prompted tons of questions. Students were curious about ways to lend a hand. Villena emphasized the importance of donations, but another option is LWR’s Quilts and Kits Program, where anyone can send in quilts or kits containing various necessities. 

In the end, the Spanish Club speaker was a huge success. Hopefully it will incentivize more clubs to invite a guest speaker of their own!

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