2016-2017 Staff

Ben Burgunder

Fmr. Online Editor, Print Managing Editor

Hi, I am Ben Burgunder, a political writer and Online Editor for the Quaker Quill. As a Freshman, I joined the Quill because I wanted to become more involved in the school community. I began writing political articles.  My first...

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Jane Sartwell

Community Editor

Hi, I'm Jane Sartwell, the art director of the Quaker Quill. I have been a member of the Quaker Quill since freshman year, and the monthly writing and editing process is one of my favorite things to do at Friends. My job as art...

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David Gantt

News and Features Editor

Hello readers, my name is David Gantt. I've been at Friends since first grade, so it has become an almost second home for me. I have written on the Quaker Quill for two years now, but this is my first as a section editor. I'm...

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Atlas Pyke

News and Features Editor

Hi, I'm Atlas Pyke, the section editor for News and Features. I've been a dedicated Quaker Quill member since my Freshman year and enjoy both writing and editing. I couldn't be happier editing the News and Features section because...

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