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Natalie Williams, Fashion Writer
December 17, 2013

Each decade of the 20th century has certain look that is considered the quintessence of said decade. Recently in the twenty-first century, many of these looks and silhouettes have been re-appropriated into current popularity. This compilation has made a sort of age of individualism. What is interesting... Read more »

Fashion with Natalie

Fashion 2

Natalie Williams, Writer
February 14, 2012

The Quill, as you may have noticed, is seriously lacking in a style section, but don’t worry — it is lacking no longer.  For the first article in the Quill’s new style column I interviewed Friends’ very own Cinneah El-Amin ’12 about her personal take on fashion. She describes herself as... Read more »



Tucker Glotzbach, Writer
February 12, 2012

Swag, a word whose origins date back to early 16th century Norwegian word, svagga, is a word with many meanings and interpretations. To understand how to use swag in its many ways, I sat down with Swag Master Chandler Walters to seek some guidance. He educated me in the many usages of swag. As a noun... Read more »