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Christian talks with Quill reporters about making mistakes, finding meaning in Meeting, and why he learned so late to love The Beatles.

Q&A With New Head Christian Donovan

This month, Friends School's incoming leader sat down with a panel of Quill reporters to discuss everything from his high school soccer career and childhood love of country music, to his Quaker roots and plans for the school.
Friends alum Sarah Meteyer has returned as the schools new Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

A New Mission for Ms. Meteyer

Julia Mammen, Contributor December 14, 2020
Friends alum Sarah Meteyer becomes Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, charged with helping the school live its ideals more fully.
Interim Physics teacher Danny Duckworth, with her two dogs.

Meet Ms. Duckworth

??, Contributor December 14, 2020
The interim Physics teacher is leading the way on student mental health and self-care in quarantine.
Biology teacher Kendra Marchant

Welcoming Biology Teacher Kendra Marchant

Kaya Banerjee, Staff Writer December 14, 2020
Even though class is online and we can't do full scientific experiments at home, Marchant does demonstrations that are like magic.
Often we take for granted the folks we see every day. But everyone has hidden depths - like poet, business owner, and lunch lady Korea Rollins.

A Look Into the Life of Miss Korea

elitqq499, Contributor June 1, 2020
The beloved Friends lunch lady is also a poet, small business owner, and lover of bowling.
3rd grade teacher Gita Deane, center, with her family

Marriage Equality Pioneer in our Midst

Julia Parker, Contributor November 13, 2019
“We didn’t want our kids to grow up with shame,” Deane says.
Not a Spy After All: Meet Mr. Polyak

Not a Spy After All: Meet Mr. Polyak

Quinn Parker, Contributor November 13, 2019

Among the new faces at Friends this year is a cheerful young man named Viktor Polyak. He sits tucked away in his corner of a shared office on the second floor of the Science and Math Building, across from...

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