Confessions of a Reluctant Runner

Connor Hardy, Community Editor, Writer

May 2, 2014

I run a lot. I’ve run the Charles Street 12, a Rock and Roll Half Marathon, a Metric Half Marathon, and countless 5k and 10k races. I also do a long run at least once a weekend. Given these facts, you might think that I enjoy...

Why Having Cheerleaders is a Good Thing!

Brandi Randolph, Writer

May 1, 2014

Cheerleading is a pep mechanism for school spirit and a great source of exercise for women and girls, but it’s also highly competitive. I think of cheerleading as a sport in itself. Cheerleaders have to practice same as everyone...

Why Not Having Cheerleaders Is A Good Thing

Nina Dietz, Online Editor, Writer, Photographer

May 1, 2014

I feel the need to state the obvious here. Friends School of Baltimore does not have cheerleaders, and if you ask me, that’s a good thing. Cheerleading tends to be associated mostly with football and basketball, which...

Performance Enhancing Drugs

Jake Schindler, Writer

May 1, 2014

PEDs, Performance Enhancing Drugs, are becoming more and more restricted in the sports world. They are illegal in almost all sports. You may have heard about Alex Rodriguez, Barry Bonds or even Roger Clemens. All three of these...

The State of Baseball – a Tale of Two Trends

Max Rollfinke, News and Features Editor, Sports Editor, Writer

May 1, 2014

Since the mid-1800s, spring and summer have represented baseball season for millions of Americans. Called “America’s pastime,” baseball, along with Coca-Cola, Apple Pie and the Bald Eagle, is one of the defining features...

The Sacredness of the Teacher-Coach

Josh Leiner, News and Features Editor

April 30, 2014

As my Friends School tenure comes to a close, I’m getting awfully sentimental. Upon looking back on my days around the quad, there are plenty of happy memories to be found. Certainly being a senior has been fun. There’s...

NFL Banning “N-Word”

Max Rollfinke, Sports Editor

April 29, 2014

Recently, the National Football League (NFL) proposed a league-wide ban of the “N word” that would impose a 15 yard penalty every time the word is said during a game.  The proposal has been met with much response and debate t...

Sochi Olympics Surrounded with more Controversy than Excitement

Max Rollfinke

February 16, 2014

Leading up to every Olympic Games, there is controversy, and this year is no exception. Of course, some minor disagreements always arise. This year, Ashley Wagner was picked as the final American figure skater over Mirai...

Super Bowl

Jake Schindler

February 16, 2014

As you sit and read this article, the outcome of Super Bowl XLVIII will have already been decided. But some people may ask "What is the Super Bowl?” Well, after last year, I would hope that you at least knew what it was. It i...

What is Quaker Nation?

Jake Schindler

December 17, 2013

About one year ago, when people thought about the two words Quaker Nation, they probably didn't think of sports. But this new idea has taken Friends School by storm, and some people still have no idea why there are people at ga...

My First Game

Bandi Randolph

December 17, 2013

On the cold night of November 26, 2013 the JV girls basketball team had our first official game, home against Glenelg Country school. I, started off a nervous wreck, because I remembered playing Glenelg last year and when I w...