Powder Puff Football Game

freshman team

Lucy Heller, Arts and Culture Writer
October 3, 2012

  Getting to powder puff early on Saturday morning showed me just how much work the turnaround club put into powder puff. There were dozens of different baked goods (some of which I helped bake), coolers filled with soda and water, a huge grill, and delicious hot dogs and hamburgers.  Once the... Read more »

Asian Culture Club with Sarah Miller

Sarah Miller
May 24, 2012

When announcements for the Asian Culture Club were made in Collection, I imagined a room full of students of Asian descent talking about their heritage and perhaps munching on Chinese carryout. Instead, when I walked into Ms. Hicks’ room to observe what the Friends School Asian Culture Club was really... Read more »

Procrastination Fodder: Without a Destination.

Kat Eckley, Blogger
February 12, 2012

Hi. So. Are we allowed to write rebuttals of sorts to other people’s articles? Just because I was really bored and reading the other articles and I stumbled upon Tucker’s article about Growing Pains. And I guess maybe I shouldn’t have read it, since I’m a woman… But whether... Read more »

Vintage Vespa Club


Kristen Johnson, Arts and Culture Writer
January 2, 2012

The Vintage Vespa Club, known to more of us as the Scooter Club, is an interesting and exciting new group that few upper school students seem to know much about. Sophomore club member Gabe Watson explains, “The main goal of this club is to restore vintage Vespa scooters to their former glory.” The... Read more »

Growing Pains

Tucker Glotzbach
January 1, 2012

Over the year or so Growing Pains has been in existence, I’ve had a lot of people ask me what it is. I usually respond with “What isn’t Growing Pains?”, or the more helpful answer, “A club where dudes talk about guy stuff.” But, for one to fully understand Growing Pains, they should know... Read more »