Brief: 2021 Clubs Fair

Wednesday, September 29th


Sophia Clark

A display of the Dungeons and Dragons game, by the D&D Club

Connor Weisman, Staff Writer

On a sunny afternoon in late September, high schoolers were getting prepared to show off their clubs during lunch. There were colorful posters and candy next to almost every club to entice students to join.

When the fair started, the quad was packed with booths and people shouting to draw in new members – “In our club, we get pizza at every meeting” or “There will be doughnuts!” – which in most cases filled up the club roster.

In all seriousness, though, there are amazing clubs that do incredible things like Quaker Quill, Quaker Nation, Yearbook, Black Student Union, Aquaponics, Green Club, and many more. Going down the stairs and towards the Dining Hall, there were many other clubs that were in an area that was a little more spaced out, but still was quite busy.

As more clouds covered the sun, the club fair was winding down, and you could see that some clubs started to pack up. Overall the fair was an enjoyable experience where we learned about all the clubs and what they do.