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Friends School of Baltimore's Student News * Founded 1938

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Friends School of Baltimore's Student News * Founded 1938

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Your Valentines 2024

Anonymous notes from Friends community members to their friends, crushes, significant others, and more. (All named folks have given consent for the notes to them to be published.)
Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

❤️ erika alamo is so cutie patootie

❤️ I love Ms. Romney because she is such a good teacher and colleague. I learn so much from talking to her and hearing what she is thinking about teaching. She is passionate about what she does and the school is so lucky to have her!

❤️ Suwen I fell….for you <3

❤️ Sora is a silly little goober

❤️ I love all my friends! They are so great and I’m so grateful that I have them all in my life!!

❤️ sam, you are the best person in the world and mean more to me than anyone and everything else. you are the light of my life and i couldnt be happier to spend valentines day with such an amazing boyfriend. i love you to the moon and back <3

❤️ Valencia is the most incredible person I’ve ever met!!

❤️ my crushhhhhh is so good looking but he be playing with my feelings

❤️ sadie! thank you for being such an amazing friend, and thank you for supporting me through everything. i doubt i would’ve made it here without you, and i am eternally grateful to have ended up with such an amazing friend 🙂

❤️ Ollie is such a talented artist and an amazing friend!!

❤️ Shirene is so beautiful and amazing. I’m so lucky to have her as a friend <3

❤️ Lena is such an amazing friend, I’m so glad I met her!!!

❤️ Nikala is such a funny and cool person, I love hanging out with her!!

❤️ Just saying Shirene’s name makes me happy. she is such a wonderful person <3

❤️ Victoria Cho and I have been madly in love for the past 67 years

❤️ Isa Wilkes is the love of my life I love her so much I love her

❤️ Natalie Tompkins is GORGEOUS and amazing and i love her

❤️ greyson, i love everything about you and am very lucky to have you 🙂 you have the most gorgeous smile that lights up a room, a great sense of humor, a very kind heart, and an amazing ability to always make me feel safe and loved. you make me the happiest i’ve ever been and i’m so glad you’re here <33
ps: cannibalism

❤️ Vanya!! I love u with my whole heart and I’m so glad to be pals

❤️ Lara!! You are the funniest, most kind, and intelligent person I know. I’m so glad to be your friend 🙂 Happy Vday!

❤️ Anna B is gonna be mine someday

❤️ My crushes name is kayla hanks……omg she so beautiful!!!

❤️ Adina is just so nice and funny and I have the biggest crush on her

❤️ I love love love love love love gunes! she’s the best exchange student ever!!!


❤️ I have a crush on a guy in my spanish class. He almost never brings a backpack to class, just his computer, and is almost always eating something, which is what I would do if I actually had something to eat. He has really cute curly and dirty-blonde hair and is great at engaging my classmates and I with his presentation, and is great at pronunciation and grammar in the presentations. Everyday, I find myself looking forward to spanish class, and I am unhappy on days 1 and 4 when we don’t have class. He is going to share a presentation about Uruguay in a few weeks and I cannot wait.

❤️ Valencia and Sam Wu kill me like the bubonic plague.

❤️ henry berliner is pretty cute, i would like to get to know him more <333 if youre reading this henry i think we should meet sometime maybe?

❤️ i like my mannnnnn

❤️ Kayin b is so smart and beautiful

❤️ I have a crush on Chloe g she is a beautiful black queen

❤️ chloe green real fineeeee

❤️ mikel is so funny and cute i like her

❤️ mikel be looking at me and i love it

❤️ chloe g is real cute

❤️ my man don’t go here but i love him

❤️ I have a crush on Kayin b she is a baddie

❤️ mikel sooo fi i i i ine

❤️ My man my man my man my man my man

❤️ i love my man so much

❤️ my man my man but we not together rn

❤️ It’s black history month and I just want to shout out my black king bae you the realest

❤️ Krisna you are sooooo amazing and really smart I enjoy talking to about stuff, never change!!!!!

❤️ lily baumgartner is SO sweet and kind and beautiful. i am so lucky that she is my friend <3

❤️ Suwen and Sam W, I enjoy being in French class with you all it is sooo much fun with you all!!!!!

❤️ Sam Gerardi, you really light up my day.

❤️ Shirene I enjoy having the same free period, I love your personality and you are super super amazing, you always give off positive vibes and I love it!!!!

❤️ Ronan, you are like a perfect Duolingo lesson. You restore my hearts.

❤️ Audrey, I’m sooo glad to have spent time with you on the track team for 2 years, I’m sad it’s over (not really) I’m gonna miss you!!!!

❤️ Ryan looks like a cute rock <3

❤️ I wish I loved someone


❤️ ronan, my love
we fit together as a glove
your smile,
it makes me go wild
You make me blush
because your my crush

❤️ Fiona P (I wrote a poem)
Her red hair glistens in the sun
I watch her from afar
her beautiful messy bun
whenever she talks to anyone else I get an emotional scar
Dear fiona, be mine this valentine

❤️ Dear Ale, respectfully u r mad fine and u look like a Greek god.

❤️ Dear Barden Bellas, I love yall so much thank you for being such amazing friends! I can’t wait for Galentines! I’m so glad I came to FSB and met yall❤️

❤️ Lizzy,
you make me dizzy
your my little baby girl
and you shine like a pearl
Your so sexy
you could call yourself Lexie

❤️ You are my ruby to my amber, my pookie bear, my stink, my gibling, I love you Maya Pearce

❤️ Sophia,
you are like a painting by Monet
I know it’s cliche
but i can’t help to say
ur my bae
this valentines

❤️ Scarlett you could be my angle or my devel

❤️ Benjamin, I want to have a Monopoly over your heart.

❤️ Noah Ripke, you are a nerd and my heart is a locker.

❤️ Suwen makes me smiles seeing her brightens my day!

❤️ Nikala is so pretty it hurts. she’s absolutely amazing

❤️ Lena, are you a note before the downbeat? Because I can pick you up.

❤️ Rhyan is like a twinkling star in the sky

❤️ I have a crush on this guy in my class. He’s really kind and sweet and intelligent. I’d probably tell him I liked him if I wasn’t a guy.

❤️ I’m a sucker for German men

❤️ Eva D’Addario is so sexy! Her piercing green eyes and golden blonde locks that flutter in the wind give her face such an angelic glow✨

❤️ Charlotte Hassler has the most beautiful sense of humor she makes me laugh everytime I see her. Her chocolate brown eyes shimmer when she looks at me and it makes my heart skip everytime. I love you Charlotte Hassler. – your secret admirer

❤️ the senior ginger nation is soooo hot! literally! their flaming red locks just melt my heart

❤️ ellie mcdonald, our conversations are always very entertaining and i love hearing about the random things that go on in your life. i really enjoy being around you and am glad to call you a friend 🙂

❤️ Daphne’s makeup is always gorgeous!

❤️ sadie, you’re really nice and pleasant to be around. you always manage to make me laugh with the random unhinged things you say and i greatly appreciate it its very entertaining like yes you slay that cactus also you make me feel tall and its great bc haha short >:)

❤️ Sora *doyoyoing*

❤️ Taron Egerton
I love all the roles he’s in
He will always win

❤️ Someone who makes me smile and look forward to going to school is Noah Sheasby

❤️ Nikala, you are such an amazing friend, I love hanging out with you, and you’re soooo beautiful!!!!!!!

❤️ i think vanya is pretty awesome

❤️ I love my mom! She’s the best person and always supports me in any way she can.

❤️ Hi, you’re really good at e-guitar and your fits are always the best, especially the corduroy pants. I really like you and hope we can be friends someday <3

❤️ I love all my friends!!

❤️ oliver wu is v cute

❤️ zoe kahn is the funniest prettiest person and i love her sm

❤️ zoey g is hilariously mean and is actually a model

❤️ freddy casey is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. he is always there for you when you need it and will always help you even when he doesn’t have to. thank you for helping me get my bracelets on before school and for not giving up on me.

❤️ i like this boy a lot in the grade above me but i don’t know how to talk to him and im scared if i try to it’ll just be embarrassing

❤️ i love the barden bellas so much


❤️ Lilly Roach, I have had a crush on you for the longest time. XOXO

❤️ C Block Calc 3, you are the volume of my cardioid r = 1 – sin θ.

❤️ Erin, is your name Dr. Frankenstein? ‘Cause you bring me to life.

❤️ Shirene, are you a painter? ‘Cause I can picture us together.

❤️ alana is my bae fr

❤️ max bozeman is a cutie patootie

❤️ Sophia Clark, you make my heart pump like we’re running cross country to Gilman.

❤️ I have a crush on Clara Witte. She is so funny, kind, and always helps me with questions I have about geometry. She is also very beautiful and such a fun person to be around. 🙂

❤️ I love all my friends they are so sweet!

❤️ Maya Pearce is the most scrumptious person alive. She’s so cutie in her overalls and I miss her dearly.

❤️ Dahlia Zemmel is the coolest girl on the block

❤️ I don’t know if anyone knows Victoria Cho, but she’s perfect. We may be separated by oceans but she’s still here in my heart.

❤️ I miss Isa Wilkes so much. I have a picture of her in my locket. I wear it every day.

❤️ Natalie Tompkins is the love of my life. We may be star crossed lovers right now but the long distance is worth it.

❤️ Gunes Altunel is perfection itself. She’s so nice and has the best style and music taste. I miss her.

❤️ It’s this boy, I can’t tell you his name though but he goes to school. He’s really nice to me and we joke together a lot. I wish he’d open up to me more but I know that takes time. Sometimes it feels like he’s shutting me out but I want him to know that he can trust me and I care for him!

❤️ I hope everything good in the world happens to Suwen Ren. She’s the light of my life. The closing > to my html tags. the semicolon of my heart. the french table to my dining hall. suwen you are the greatest friend ever and i love u so much

❤️ CAROLINE ANDREWS MY BELOVED. caroline you are just the best. i love all of our conversations in russian, in sr hall, in polyak’s room. you are so talented and kind and smart and funny and wonderful. the kingdom could not ask for a better minister of the toilet paper factory.

❤️ whay can i say about sam gerardi that hasn’t already been said? hes an accomplished wrestler. he leads stage crew to victory constantly. he has the most hair out of anyone in this entire school. i love him dearly. i hope he wins one million dollars for being so cool and awesome.

❤️ sylena christian i love you more than you love miles “tails” prower. i have known you for seven years now and for seven years you have been a highlight of my day every day. i love your silly shirts and your encyclopedic knowledge of jjk and your sense of humor and your friendship is so dear to me. mwah.

❤️ OLLIE ❤️❤️❤️❤️‼️‼️‼️‼️ my favorite young man. i know that when i walk up to ollie im about to receive 1. the wickedest sense of humor ive ever been in the presence of 2. a shark fact 3. a picture of asta or sienna 4. an outpouring of love so intense it knocks you over or 5. all of the above. i love you my silly little guy.

❤️ what can i even say about nikala that hasn’t already been said. she’s gorgeous. she’s talented. she’s funny. she’s smart. she makes the best slideshows. she lights up every room she’s in. i hope she gets everything she wants forever and that i can continue to be lucky enough to call her my friend.

❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️mai bolster❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ lighting designer and board op extraordinaire. supportive and loving and amazing friend. owner of cool overalls. baseball fan. for some reason. mai i love you forever and ever.

❤️ shirene gehawi is the smartest, most talented, most beautiful girl in the world. she means so much to me and she makes every day better. shirene we love you so much and i am so grateful to be your friend.

❤️ valencia you are always there for me in advisory with your cheerfulness and your jokes and your love and kindness. i am your number one fan in everything you do (even track)

❤️ Khadejah allen is my women.

❤️ I’m on a high rn you can’t bring me down I’m living my best life and you can’t take that from me

❤️ ive always had big crush on that junior tatyana but i have no idea how to talk to her 🙁

❤️ Omgggg that junior Khadejah is something serious. Just straight preshaaa.

❤️ Maeve, you’re John Keats and I’m Fanny Brawne. Don’t die, though.

❤️ jack motz is a great dude

❤️ Krisna, you are the 8th electron in my valence shell.

❤️ Caroline, I think we’re five half-steps apart, because we’d be perfect 4 together.

❤️ Skye Linkroum, my wife, my beloved.

❤️ Not a crush, but there is a certain Simic-Hybrid Rogue who I regret teaching the term “Chaotic Lawful” to

❤️ I love Suwen she makes me so happy and her collection presentations are top tier. ILY SUWEN MWAH

❤️ jack motz a real one

❤️ im going to try and love myself

❤️ Suwen–knowing I’ll see your smile gets me up every morning!! from your other s

❤️ Nikala you’re so fine and sexy, I can’t wait to see you Friday night 😉
from your secret admirer

❤️ Selena, just like your name, you’re the sun, lighting up my whole world. I LOVE YOU

❤️ Ashley J is genuinely such a sweet and funny person

❤️ lizzy R is so pretty

❤️ Lia B is so fun to be around

❤️ Lily B is so pretty

❤️ everyone should be more like Rhyan Taylor

❤️ I am in love with a sophomore glamour boy!

❤️ I am so thankful for the Polyak Lunch Bunch <33

❤️ tess is genuinely the most beautiful person i’ve ever seen

❤️ Being away from Rhyan is like being away from the sun

❤️ Krisna is sooo amazing and beautiful and perfect. She’s my favorite debater!

❤️ Krisna Kumar is the best person and friend ever I love her!!!!

❤️ Thi, we should go on a painting date (just a suggestion though ofc)

❤️ I will actually learn everything i can about basketball for Aiden and him only

❤️ Caroline is a super sweet person

❤️ Lucas i kinda be liking you <3

❤️ Natalie Tompkins est ma jumelle favorite!!! <333

❤️ I love Logan.

❤️ Elia- you’re the light in my life. The summer breeze in my hair, every day, shining like the sun. You remind me of ferbreeze air freshener, because you are really fresh all the time. Your hair smells like a lavender field. Your mahogany orbs light my life every day. -Your secret admirer

❤️ alana is my fav

❤️ I have a crush on Kennedy s ❤️ she so fine and funny

❤️ My valentines are for my friends at Friends, i love you all so much and wouldn’t trade you for a day with Drake :). forever love, Kaya the GEE

❤️ Ruby you are the best person ever! You are so kind and funny <33 thanks for always making my day!

❤️ Ashley J doesn’t make me feel guilty for talking about the things I like and I hope she knows just how much I appreciate it

❤️ Ms. Kessler is actually the sweetest person ever and I wish nothing but the best for her

❤️ kennedy is very pretty

❤️ Elia is the most beautiful girl in world

❤️ Ms. Flora makes chemistry so fun <3

❤️ alexandra. i hope my love for you never retires

❤️ jack branson, you’re always a lot of fun to talk to and i like your sense of humor and music taste. i’m lucky to be friends with you 🙂

❤️ Benjamin L is the sweetest person in the world, I hope he has the best day 🙂

❤️ Valencia lights up the room with her energy! She makes everyone so happy

❤️ Sending lots of love to my debabies 🙂 You all are some of my favorite people and I enjoy every moment we spend as a team! I’m so glad I got to be with you all this year and I’m so proud of you guys <3

❤️ Thi Cost’s fashion is on point

❤️ laya je te veux

❤️ ella ouest est ma belle jumelle

❤️ i looooooovvvvvvvveeeeeee the jazz band

❤️ braeden daniels is pretty cool

❤️ Big shoutout to QSU, usually I can’t think of something worthwhile to say in meeting for worship but the fact that they are putting efforts into it again is amazing!!

❤️ lucy guyton (lucy tall) is the loml

❤️ Hey Maty Matt, I know you probably don’t think about me a lot, but I’ve been thinking about you. You are such a Wise-man (hahha get it!), and seeing your majestic red hair flap in the wind makes my heart pound like nobody else. Maybe one day, our hearts may across upon their destined path to love. -Your Secret Admirer

❤️ There once was a king named Ethan Lun. He lived happily ever after.

❤️ Erin you are my POOKIE smookie and I love you so much
You always are so cute!!

❤️ chloe lyons is so fine

❤️ isabel clark is such a cutie

❤️ laya is so bad i love her sm

❤️ koko is my fav and she’s literally so pretty

❤️ kennedy stokes so baddie baddie shot a clock

❤️ elaina althea pearce is a baddie

❤️ I love Macy Goldberg so much she’s amazing

❤️ Tess porter is the best juror in the world

❤️ Elaina pearce is the coolest ever i love her

❤️ Laya is a queen!!

❤️ Anaya is bad asl

❤️ Yamece look so good

❤️ im madly in love with madyson garrett (the sophomore) she so bad i just would love to take her out and treat her how a man should

❤️ anaya is my soulmate i swear to the God above she is meant for me and she finna be my girl

❤️ Let’s talk about mitchell….

❤️ yamece doeeee


❤️ yams is the baddest in the school GAH

❤️ yamece is beautiful

❤️ i’ll always love him no matter what

❤️ People tell me it’s silly, but I don’t see why. I always find myself caring for you, because you will always be special to me, even when we don’t see eye-to-eye.

❤️ Colin Moon makes my palms sweaty, and I can’t get enough of his mom’s spaghetti. He makes me nervous, but on the surface I stay calm, always ready to drop love bombs. If I had one shot, I would not miss my chance to blow a kiss, because this love comes once in a lifetime yo.

❤️ nora ryscavage never fails to light up the room

❤️ UMD comp team, the only Quick Union I want is with you.

❤️ Skye Linkroum, my wife, my beloved.

❤️ kennedy so baddieeeee

❤️ bryce, thank you for being so awesome and being there to help me feel better and supporting me throughout the years

❤️ jaden green is an incredible man

❤️ kaleb younger never fails to make me smile

❤️ Nigel McKinney has a lot of potential energy.

❤️ semir is volumptous

❤️ Hi if you are on the UMD Programming team, I think you guys are so cool and pretty, and really really funny. I hope your China Buffet was delicious after a much deserved win of $600!!! Don’t spend it on gold though, that would be weird. Anyway, I love all of you so so so so much, and never forget to add the letter ‘J!’

❤️ Josie has the prettiest singing voice omg

❤️ i miss him so badly.

❤️ My Dearest Emma Bailey, Roses Are RedViolets are blue will u pls be my Valentine? xoxo

❤️ Ingrid has the most luscious locs, the most beautiful brown waves of hair.

❤️ Ingrid Laurens – I adore you forever. You are the wind beneath my wings, the fire in my soul, the love of my life. Your golden chocolate orbs, you’re long flowing hair, and your gorgeous running form plague my mind. I treasure you with all my life, Asa square up.
XOXO, the real love of your life <3

❤️ Hannah R is to beautiful i cant

❤️ lara Hams is so fineee

❤️ Asha, i think if you as I lie awake at night..

❤️ Hannah-
Your love of reading inspires me every day, reminding me of our enemies to friends to lovers romance. Remember to not be swayed away by a redhead and stay in the right place with ME, a brunette. -Your loving boyf

❤️ Giuliana Coven, my favorite ginger –
You are my favorite seat partner, and I feel like you could see this coming, but I have a crush on you. Your flowing red firey hair and stunning smile and bright blue eyes run through my mind constantly. I adore you forever, and hope you feel the same towards me.
your soulmate

❤️ Lara, you light my life in chem every day. Everytime you randomly scream “im on my way” in chem, my heart bursts with love and joy. I’m so glad to have you. You are the loml.
-Your TRUE soulmate

❤️ Victoria L is so awesome

❤️ my babygirl kate and I are forever and NOBODY will ever have her..

❤️ not a lot just forever, intertwined sewn together, like the rock bears the weather, not a lot just forever (you know who you are)

❤️ Isa,
I could make a lista
’bout you
your eyes sparkle
like Twilight Sparkle
your lips are pink
like Pinkie Pie
My heart flutters
like Fluttershy when I see you
you could stab me with a Spike
and I would still like…
shout out to my girl Isa!!








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    King Cabbagestalk is the most unfunny person I know but is nice

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    i think ava genius is nice