Review: Campus Water Fountains



All Friends water fountains were not created equal.

It’s common knowledge among Friends School students that not all of the water fountains on campus are the same. They have different water temperatures, pressures, and tastes.

This fact became especially clear when a new water fountain was installed with the recent renovations in Freshman Hall. Expectations surrounding this fountain were low, considering how much students disliked the fountain that used to be there.

But this new water fountain went above and beyond previous views. Students report that when the H2O soars into their mouths, they immediately feel satisfied.

The temperature is icy cold, so cold that it feels like you are relaxing on a hot beach and drinking cold water. The pressure is exceptional. The only downside to this fountain is that it was not made for tall people.

After the discovery of this magnificent fountain, students started to compare it to the other fountains on campus. Zach Buchalter (‘21) reported that the water fountain stationed right outside the library door is not up to his standards.

“This is the most average water fountain in the school,” he said.

Other students drinking from this fountain quickly realized what he was talking about.

Everything from the temperature to the pressure feels average. It doesn’t taste terrible, but it doesn’t taste good enough to really satisfy your taste buds.

Zach easily identified what, in his opinion, is the best water fountain in the school.

“It’s definitely the one on the second floor of the Forbush Building,” said Zach. “That one hits different.”

This seems to be the consensus among students. The pressure of the water in the Forbush fountain is way above average. The water pressure is hard, but not hard enough to make you pull your head from the stream of H2O. The temperature is perfect.

Another peculiar set of water fountains are located in the Dining Hall. The one right next to the entrance is mediocre. The pressure could be a lot harder and the water could be cooler. On the other hand, this set comes as a pair, one of which is high and the other low. This is very helpful for taller than average people such as myself.

“Considering it’s right next to the entrance of the Dining Hall, a.k.a the place we eat at every day, you would expect it to be incredible,” said Emerson Rea (‘20). “Though I have to say, this fountain is convenient during the night of Homecoming. It’s like a completely different taste at night. The water after 30 minutes of straight dancing really refreshes me.”

The other water fountain, located right under the Dining Hall, next to the Quaker Closet, is even better. The temperature is flawless. Just drinking this water makes you feel like you have taken a sip after being stuck in the desert for a week. The pressure is so soothingly nice. It feels like you are receiving a massage inside your throat.

Since this water fountain is stationed right next to the Fitness Center, it is essential. The water fountains in the gym are also useful. Whoever installed them made sure the water was cool enough. These water fountains also have a perfect arc.

“These water fountains taste delicious right after I complete a vigorous basketball workout that coach Harmon gives us,” noted senior student-athlete Quincy Marchelya.

These fountains also have accessible water bottle fillers that fit in perfectly for the gym.

A tour of the water fountains at Friends School of Baltimore demonstrates that they are not kept to the same standard. Nick Millspaugh (‘20) suggests that the school should upgrade all of them.

“It would be great if I could enjoy the same refreshing drink in any part of the school,” he says.

There might not be enough money for this renovation, but improvements to the water fountains would make the students feel more satisfied.