My Ultimate Guide to Valentine’s Day

Tips to make February 14th the best it can be – regardless of your relationship status.

Ellie Proutt, Editor-in-Chief

Valentine’s Day can be so much more than ooey-gooey sappy romance. Here are some tips to make February 14th the very best it can be – regardless of your relationship status.

Little Things You Can Do To Start The Day:

Wear pink or red. Whether it be a scrunchie, a shirt, or a full-on Valentine’s Day ensemble, dress festively. Treat this as a day for self love – you don’t need to wait for someone else to do nice things for you! Buy yourself flowers, chocolates, or whatever Valentine’s Day themed hot chocolate Starbucks is serving. Or, better yet, try a small V-day Gift Exchange (think “Secret Santa”) with your friends.

Poker Night:

Get fancy; it’s a Black Tie event. Play ominous mood music in the background and place bets backed by Monopoly money. Dim the lights and play on a big table. It sounds like dress up, but I promise it’ll be a good time – as long as you have pre-established house rules. (Yes, the inspiration for this is TikTok). If you can’t play poker try Gala-tine’s for a similar setting. Same dress code minus the card game. If you’re a senior whose prom was cancelled last spring, this is a good time to pull out the prom dress/outfit you’ve been trying on once a month while reminiscing.

Drop off Homemade Cards:

All you need to make a great Valentine’s Day card is paper, glue, and markers. Cut out little hearts for flair. Print a spotify QR code to a sad song. Write an inside joke or an obviously phony love confession. Any route you take, just look online for inspiration and drop them off at your friends’ houses. You’ll probably get embarrassed with 3rd-grade card exchange nostalgia, but your friends will be appreciative in the end.


Classic. Iconic. Valentine’s Day brunch is unmatched. You can get V-day take out from Miss Shirley’s or order heart-shaped pizza. Better yet, do a Potluck Picnic Brunch and have all your friends bring V-day themed treats: red velvet cupid cupcakes, rainbow sprinkle ice cream waffle sandwiches, rosebud chocolate covered strawberries, cinnamon rolls, pink raspberry lemonade mocktails, and the list continues. Go wild.

Sob Sesh:

If Feb 14th has been a disappointment, you may experience the overwhelming societal pressure of this holiday culminating at the top of your chest and weighing it down like a life-size-plush-teddy-bear. Are you a frequent flyer of a V-day Sob Session? No worries, you are not alone. Most refuse to admit it, but crying is common and extremely valid. I’m not here to stop you – I’m here to help with tips for how to improve your sob sesh.

Crying in the Shower Necessities:

  • Complete Darkness. The only exception is the faint flickering of a candle. Lights ruin the moment. Trust me, you’re not going to fall.
  • Snacks & Drinks. Choose from the following options:
  • Five Guys French Fries (9/10). Guilty pleasure. Would be a 10/10 but ketchup can be an issue if you haven’t tried shower snacking in the past.
  • Pure Raw Juice Acai Bowl (10/10) or a homemade smoothie alternative (10/10). Euphoric. Health-conscious. Sweet. Filling. There is not a better option.
  • Chipotle Bowl (7/10). The quality of this chain has declined in the past months. Still a viable choice.
  • Orange (5/10) or Iced Orange Juice (6/10). It’s basic. If you are going to try any juices, sodas, or other drinks you must ice it and put it in a wine glass. This is non-negotiable.
  • Scalding hot water.
  • I’m a firm believer that V-day warrants a separate playlist than your normal sad vibes songs. Cue the most tear-jerking playlist imaginable.

Crying in Bed Necessities:

  • No-mess snacks. No one likes crumbs in their sheets. Try sliced fruit (8/10), pasta (9/10), or a Valentine’s Day classic – chocolate truffles (10/10).
  • A good movie. My personal favorite: Valentine’s Day. Yes, I’m partial because it has Taylor Swift in it. I also love the V-day episodes from New Girl, That ‘70s Show, and Parks and Recreation.
  • If you’re already under the covers and sobbing after 7 pm, you may as well fall asleep. Trust me, there is no point prolonging your evening. Put your phone down and dream of Margot Robbie. Just cut your losses.

I hope my Ultimate Guide to Valentine’s Day aids you in all your February 14 endeavors. If all else fails, I’ll be your Valentine. 🙂

All my love,

Ellie Proutt