Meet Ms. Duckworth

The interim Physics teacher is leading the way on student mental health and self-care in quarantine.


Courtesy of Danny Duckworth

Interim Physics teacher Danny Duckworth, with her two dogs.

In a time of global uncertainty, Upper School interim physics teacher Danny Duckworth maintains a positive attitude and remains hopeful for the future. She keeps herself occupied by creating innovative lesson plans for her students and staying active. She enjoys time outside with her two dogs, Willow and Jasper (pictured). Additionally, Ms. Duckworth is prioritizing her mental health during self-isolation.

“I’ve been trying to check in with myself because we are in a global pandemic. Everyone is going to have some off days. Everyone is going to have some anxious days.,” she says. “I really think it’s about being honest with yourself.”

Duckworth is committed to bettering the transition to virtual learning, as her new lesson plans help to make students’ work more manageable during this difficult time. The weekly Google Forms she sends to students are designed to help them reflect on the week and their self-care habits. She also has a Topics page on the assignment center dedicated to mindfulness, where students can practice breathing exercises and meditation.  (Here’s a link to one of her mindfulness videos.)

Although Duckworth has only been in our community for a few months, she emanates optimism and sets a positive example for the rest of the student body.