Brief: First Collection of the School Year Rocks

Friends started the year with a gathering of the whole Upper School community, a rarity since COVID.


Quill staff

Juniors Harrison Fribush on drums, and Dominic Saunders on guitar, play at the 22-23 school year’s first Upper School Collection.

Gabby Burns, Krisna Kumar, and Idris Mosley

The year’s first official Collection opened with the sounds of juniors Harrison Fribush on drums, and  Dominic Saunders on guitar, filling the Auditorium. The whole Upper School filled in slowly, a stark difference from last year’s start, with split Advisory collections. There was a minimal shuffle to find Advisory seats as everyone settled down.

Collection started off with a game in which four people from each grade tried to guess a teacher by their baby picture. The game started off easily. But as it went on, it grew more competitive and difficult. The prize of doughnuts for the winning grade raised the stakes, and the audience was filled with laughter and cheers after each guess.  Eventually, the seniors were declared the winner.

Then, Dom and Harrison took the stage again for another quick performance. Teachers also performed the traditional Quaker song “Simple Gifts.”  Students watched as the teachers read the lyrics, while being conducted by music teacher Michael McVey. For many new students and teachers, the song was unfamiliar. But, eventually, everyone attempted to join in on the singing.

Collection ended with an orderly exit, as we had practiced two days before. But this time, everyone walked out feeling a little more like a community than they had 30 minutes before.