Brief: First Home Volleyball Game

A well-fought loss is a point of pride for the Varsity team

Ky Mason, Owen Miller, and Nigel Moore

It was a Tuesday afternoon after a long day of school. Both the Friends and Roland Park Country School teams were ready to compete. Prior to the varsity match, JV had a tough loss but fought hard. Our varsity was unfazed and walked into the New Gym with victory in mind.

Coming off their first win a few days prior had the team in a winning mindset, their chemistry at its peak. But as their opponents walked in and began their warm up routine, our team became worried. RPCS had a height and slight skill advantage.

This wasn’t going to stop the Quakes from giving it their all, though.  The crowd was alive and full of Quaker pride. 

The team fought hard trying to keep up with the quick offense of RPCS, but the pressure was too much. Freshman middle blocker Morgan Thomasson-Small showed how to fight, scoring multiple kills from the middle and many aces from the service line. Volleyball is a game of momentum, and RPCS just barely managed to keep it during the match.

We lost the first set after a close battle. A sense of defeat set in, and we lost the second set too. But during the third set, the Quakes were able to get back in the groove, and played a strong set. Although we lost the overall game, after such a well-fought loss, many players and fans felt a sense of joy. We were proud of the way we played, and knew that losing to such a great team would only make us stronger.