Brief: Pep Rally

Friends students celebrated at the first in-person pep rally since covid transformed school


Kristen Andrews

Senior and Senate co-president Owen Burns crowd-surfs at the 2021 Pep Rally.

Suwen Ren, Staff Writer

The sky was clear and wide and hot. Classes that day felt more like fillers than content; the air was buzzing with anticipation.

As upbeat music blasted from the quad, students in red tutus and gray shirts (so SPICE-y!) clumped in the heart of the school. Volleyballs bounced around the crowd, red feathers in the air, and it felt like the world would never stand still or quiet.

When we finally sat down to watch, one by one, the teams went up the steps outside Forbush Hall to throw candy, to chuck balls, to stomp on teddy bears; to dance and play music and tell jokes; to advertise upcoming games. Who could forget the volleyball team? The crowd went wild.

As exciting as this event was, students were anxious to get down to the turf field to hear the Morgan State marching band play.